Yeah, more tour incidents to hit hip hop. Even though something like a rapper being robbed of his jewelry is nothing new, this time it happens in Angola on stage, while said rapper is performing! And as expected, 50 launches off into the crowd to reclaim his, thus ends the concert.

It takes until about one minute 40, but bear with the bouncing camera work.

Times like this remind me only of a Mos Def line , “come on man, what do you expect/ got a month’s paycheck hanging around your neck!” But in Angola that may be even more than just a month’s check.

If you walk round like a target, you generally tend to have security, which 50 did here. A major lapse in their abilities resulted in the loss of the chain, and end of the performance. This is where another tragedy lies.. incidents like this only serve to further discourage concerts for fans.

Posted by Hip-Hop Singh