Last week, the leaked Nigerian Party record ‘My Sweetie’ by Wale caused a massive stir online – to the point where Wale (who leaked it himself with just one link on Twitter) said that he may place it on his new album.  Lovesoul tried to figure out how we could get in touch with the gifted Nubian producer, Apple Juice Kid, to find out about his strong African roots.  Turns out it’s a white guy from North Carolina with an envious musical repertoire, bad ass drum swagger, and knack for polishing beats and mixtapes into genuine classics – as endorsed by RapRadar and Mick Boogie.  We also made interview history (at least in the blogs that we read), by doing the first GChat web interview.  Expect more in the future as we work closer with overseas artists.  But for now, enjoy the MC Lyte and Camp Lo producing talent that is The Apple Juice Kid.  This is one of our best posts to date.

Part One – Where The Apple Juice Kid came from.

Part Two – Where The Apple Juice Kid is going.

Download The Apple Juice Kid’s amazing and original projects – Miles Davis Remixed, The Remix Project [hip hop classic with a band], Wale – ‘My Sweetie’ or visit his site or twitter.