Lovesoul.TV is the online media portal for us, Lovesoul, a DJ duo based in, London, UK. We set it up to highlight the wider aspects of the lovesoul lifestyle, which includes music news and commentary, videos, and original content such as celeb interviews and tour footage. We write for the site a few times a week to keep it updated and fresh, but do welcome you to guest write for us if you think there is something you would like us to publish.  We only write about events, stories and artists we like.  We keep politics and general negativity off the site where possible.

Vik Lovesoul (left) Raj Lovesoul (right)

Who are the lovesoul DJs..?

We are two guys, who after years of collecting music in our bedrooms, decided to share our song selection with our lovely friends. These lovely friends danced around, then their lovely friends came to dance around, and now we play out every weekend to dancing friends around London, the UK and the World. Isn’t friendship a beautiful thing?

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The lovesoul philosophy…

Music is for the people. We play to a combination of soul, funk, old school swing, RnB, hip-hop, house, rock, pop and breaks to anyone who wants to listen. Anything else is just hype….

…don’t believe the hype.

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    stay blessed brothers

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    Your site rocks!!!!! Keep up the good work lads!!!!

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