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Kanye West: Love Lockdown [Video]


Mr. West just debuted his FIRE new video single, “Love Lockdown” on USA network television. And we got it right here on

Peep it here:


Catch the Link while it’s hot!!

or at source:

No doubt this track seriously will grow on you, right now it’s all I’m bumping. Kanye changed style this time around and has developed such a rep he simply cannot do any wrong……..and Yup! he’s still dropping bombs.

Oh yeah, the single is a testament to what the new album, 808s and Heartbreak, will sound like; lots of synths and funky to the max! Plus, to top it all off, he’s launching the album ahead of schedule, on November 25th.

A month that cannily enough is also due to have new albums by Common with Universal Mind Control, and the fav, Jay-Z, Blueprint 3. Maaaan we can’t wait for November!!

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Bernie Mac R.I.P.


A sad day in comedy, with the passing of Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, aka, Bernie Mac, from pneumonia complications.  The actor and comic had previously suffered from sarcoidosis, although this had been in remission since 2005. Here’s a sample of what made the man funny.

For a guy who was a proficient stand up comedian, Bernie Mac had also shown the ability to transverse into the world of films, with notable showings in Oceans Eleven and Transformers, and TV with The Bernie Mac Show. But without doubt, his opus for me was the headlining act of the Kings Of Comedy show. If you haven’t seen it, do so! it’s a comedy fest worthy of comparison with Eddie Murphy’s Raw and Chris Rock HBO specials.

His unique vernacular and accent made him so identifiable that his passing will make him more conspicuous by his absence. R.I.P. Bernie Mac, one of the best stand ups of our generation, and here’s hoping he gets the recognition he deserves.

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Luda Vs. Obama


Fresh off his Gangsta Grillz mixtape comes this Luda freestyle “Politics as Usual”, which heavily supports Obama in his presidential campaign. Trouble is, the lines where Luda takes swipes at Hilary Clinton and Jesse Jackson, while predictably slamming Bush and McCain (who doesn’t?) have garnered him some hate from the Obama camp. They have termed the song “greatly offensive” to all targeted and have distanced themselves from the rappers acclaim. Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Check out the song here over a third party video.

Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Listen, Luda has been the subject of much media tarnishing over his appearance on Oprah and when targeted by the Bill O’Reilly show. He reacts best in his music, as he has very well shown here. His disses are sharp and well placed, besides, I’ve got a feeling that the camp probably like the song, but can’t publicly show that.

Thanks to for the source.  Posted by Hip-Hop Singh.

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered: Review of Jay-Z at Glastonbury


Jay headlined Glastonbury, and in his own words he’s “pretty fu–ing awesome”.

Hova took the stage during the evening of June 28th 2008, and gave a total performance in front of a very receptive crowd. The supposed opposition to him being the headline act, like Noel Gallagher P.h.D, were no where to be seen [link]. Hova gave a total master class on how to give a show, combined with research to find out how to customise the hour long performance for a UK festival crowd.


UK browsers can view the full performance on BBC’s iPlayer here:

He dropped extra songs, remixes and even some rhymes accapella, letting people truly hear the depth behind his lyrics. Beyonce was side-stage partying uncontrollably, the Oasis diss was incredible and American Boy…whoa. Magic.

The Anti-bush moment was incredibly enjoyable, and the tempo pick up into ‘P.S.A‘ was masterfully done.

It has really made me want to consider going to the festival, and put up with all the mud, just to see a show like this.

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Review of Busta Rhymes at Oceana in Birmingham


Disorganised. That one word pretty much defined the night at Oceana.

Even though the doors had opened at 10pm, and people were being allowed in, the main room was still being set up until nearly 12.30am, and there was no real music being played for the duration either. So by the time people were FINALLY allowed in, a party mood was the last thing on their minds.

Busta Rhymes with Spliff Star at Oceana in Birmingham Review for

It’s times like these where real DJ’s earn their cash, and on that night DJ Fricktion did exactly that. Having already heard him perform in numerous venues previously, I knew what to expect once we got in the main room at 12.30, he again delivered. He cut up numerous crowd-pleasing tracks and beats, ensuring the party got started. Fricktion was able to show a diverse choice of music, ranging from rnb, to bhangra, garage, bashment and, of course, hip hop. I have to admit I did get a buzz from hearing him drop Big L “Ebonics” as well.

At 2.30 am Busta’s tour DJ, DJ Scratch came out and delivered a Westwood like set to get the crowd amped for the main man himself. On walked Spliff Star and Busta and immediately the show started. The on stage chemistry and timing between Busta and Spliff was something that had been truly well versed and formed over countless shows. They moved in sync with each other and Spliff did exactly what a hype man should do, blend in the performance of the main star with mic work that was perfectly flawless.

The same could not be said for the microphone levels for the first few songs, a problem that was highlighted most when Busta and Spliff performed over the Ying Yang Twinz beat “whisper song”. Hearing these issues, like a true professional, he addressed and corrected this, ensuring it was a blight no longer.

Busta’s energy was high all night, and to ensure the crowd stayed up there with him, he regularly sprayed the crowd with bottled water, soaking the first few rows and creating a water fight onstage. Indeed, it was actually quite a sight to see bouncers running around on stage, trying to soak all the excess water with towels! Health and Safety would have had a field day.

The track listing performed by Busta greatly underlined how long he’d been doing this hip hop thing, with a full discography of all the big songs he’d had over the years, starting well back with “Woo-Hah! Got You In Check” and “Scenario (rmx)”; each one was well received by a crowd of true fans, not a bunch of people who had first heard the guy with the Pussycat Dolls.

Ensuring the crowd felt involved, he regularly conversed with them, slipping in patois and using plenty of “Blud Clots” and “rude bwoys”. The crowd loved every minute of it. When the topic of plugging his latest album came up, Bussa-buss did turn slightly preachy, but still spreading a positive message nonetheless.

The crowd tired, not due to the lack of effort on stage, but rather with how late it was getting. Busta started delivering more showmanship, clearly spitting more tongue-twisting verses at rapid-fire speed. Hearing him perform “Break Your Neck” at double speed was something to behold, but his delivery of “Turn it Up” was a definite highlight, performing at times acapella, and other times rowdy and raucous. Ending with true style he kept the crowd going with “Touch It” and “Pass the Courvoisier.” Yes, there was a bottle of Courvoisier on stage, but Busta wasn’t really going to be passing it!

The true shame of the night was the lack of ticket sales.  In a venue that could hold about 600-700; only 300 were present. Finally, ending the night at 4am, the people left with a smile on their face… a weary smile, but a smile all the same.

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50 Cent get his chain snatched in Africa


Yeah, more tour incidents to hit hip hop. Even though something like a rapper being robbed of his jewelry is nothing new, this time it happens in Angola on stage, while said rapper is performing! And as expected, 50 launches off into the crowd to reclaim his, thus ends the concert.

It takes until about one minute 40, but bear with the bouncing camera work.

Times like this remind me only of a Mos Def line , “come on man, what do you expect/ got a month’s paycheck hanging around your neck!” But in Angola that may be even more than just a month’s check.

If you walk round like a target, you generally tend to have security, which 50 did here. A major lapse in their abilities resulted in the loss of the chain, and end of the performance. This is where another tragedy lies.. incidents like this only serve to further discourage concerts for fans.

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