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Yes, people requesting songs can be annoying…


If you are one of the requesters parodied in this video, we should stop being friends…

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa


Sorry, I didn’t put ANYTHING festive for you this year. Just saw this over at Matt Mullenweg’s blog (yeah, the guy who’s company owns WordPress). Liked it, and did what the man expects me to do…re-post and credit.

DJ Neil Armstrong Skydive


Easily one of the nicest DJs in the game visits easily one of my favourite places in the world, where I did the greatest gig ever, Byron Bay, Australia, and jumps from way up high.

Beyonce Lets Fans Touch Her Booty


I hope this was a set up PR stunt, cos if I was in the crowd, I’d have gone for Mrs Carter’s Halo.

Lovesoul Halloween 2009 Trailer


Alphacat Iman as Drake – Best I Ever Had (spoof)


Nicely done.  This guy will perform with Drake once dude is walking again.  Nick teen awards or something.  Quote me. [Not factual, just guessing in advance].

The Lonely Island – Like a Boss


Recession?  I’m putting my money on white rap…

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 19 – Lovesoul in New York


Yup – should’ve posted this before The RZA one – got excited – my bad.  Here is a collection of clips from when the crew went to NYC… just a bit of a break from all the celeb stuff in Lovesoul month.

Halle Berry Jamie Foxx Kiss at Spike Guys Choice Awards


I just got a press release from Heaven.  It read, ‘God Loves Jamie Foxx’.  Here’s the proof.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong – Nokia Just Became Cool Again


Shout to my girl Karencita for the link…

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