Lovesoul.TV Month – June 2009

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 21 – The RZA – Part Two


Part Two of a classic on  He goes into more depth about his influences, artistry, making money outside music with Tarentino and the best end to any interview ever.  I am a ‘rare breed’.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 20 – The RZA – Part One


One of the best and most in-depth interviews to date with a personal hero – The RZA.  Love this dude and the time he gives our crew…here we get into artistry, keeping the clan together and his various characters.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 19 – Lovesoul in New York


Yup – should’ve posted this before The RZA one – got excited – my bad.  Here is a collection of clips from when the crew went to NYC… just a bit of a break from all the celeb stuff in Lovesoul month.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 18 – King Tech Part 2 – Giving Eminem and Biggie a Break


Lovesoul.TV Month Day 17 – King Tech Part 1 – Hip-Hop on the Radio


Lovesoul.TV Month Day 16 – Ny Gray


Superb interview with Ny Grey covering her advise as a teacher for new artists, her road to fame and the need for an album name. Ny’s music is out on iTunes, she is some genuine UK talent – support!

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Lovesoul.TV Day 15 – Method Man Interview [Video]


From the now world famous Golden Chamber Mixtape by DJ Fricktion and the Lovesoul DJs – the exclusive interview with hot nicks…speaks on new rappers having it easy, his new comic book and doing London shows.  Legend.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 14 – Lethal Bizzle


As he runs towards veteran and mainstream status, the incredible Lethal Bizzle tells us about the direction of the new album, and how he sees the industry building up. Get at Lethal on MySpace or Twitter.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 13 – Chipmunk


The self proclaimed ‘youngest boss in charge’ tells us about his street buzz and who he looks up to.  Suprising not to hear many classic veterans in there (aside from Jay-Z and Nas), but hey, time waits for no man.

Lovesoul.TV Day 12 – Fatman Scoop Part 2 – ManAndWife.TV and MTV


The awesome second part of how Fatman Scoop took his show from the net to the major networks. ‘It’s already a nice broadcast cheque!’

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