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X-Men: First Class – Official Trailer


Xavier and Erik, when keeping it BFF goes wrong…

50 Cent – Before I Self Destruct Movie – Stream Here


I’m happy to accept and C&D’s on this, because as far as I know, he’s putting this content out for free via So here it is, the film that goes with 50 Cent’s new album of the same name, Before I self Destruct. 50 is back in a place where I would hand over a 10 for his new album, thankfully.


‘Actor’ – I’m here to audition for 50’s new film
Casting Director – Can you act?
‘Actor’ – No
Casting Director – You got the part

Life Is Hot in Cracktown Trailer Starring RZA


Exclusive Lemar Interview on Lovesoul.TV [video]


Vik Lovesoul brought in an EXCLUSIVE.  Single is called ‘If She Knew’ (Nov 10) and album is called ‘The Reason’ (Nov 24)

What do you think?

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Talib Kweli The Movie – Finally the trailer is out


This is a pretty big look for Talib.  I wonder who’s paid for it..?  Either way, an exploratory documentary on a rapper that is still alive is long overdue, and who better than the BKMC?  Here’s the trailer…

I’m going to enjoy this one I think, I have the albums, and have enjoyed the mixtapes (perhaps more).  As soon as we have more clips, we’ll post them up.

Will Smiths Cool Ass New Movie Trailer 'Hancock' …and Herbie


Will Smith’s new film looks cool as hell, here is the HD trailer (well as HD as YouTube will allow). Somehow, he’s made a black, rough version of Nathan Petrelli look very cool. The scene with the whale has me in stitches…

And whilst we’re on the subject of Hancock, many of you may not have ever heard about the guy that got 90% of your favourite DJ’s into DJ’ing (with this very clip), the Pharrell Williams of his time, and quite possibly the coolest m-f-ker on the planet…turn your speakers up, it’s DJ HERBIE HANCOCK…(click his name for the Wiki).

…and relax. Leave your comments below…

Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and 50 Cent to star in Righteous Kill


Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson has never been shy in admitting that in the current music industry climate, making records and music videos only serve as commercials to highlight other endeavours, (check the average budget ‘I Get Money’ video for proof). Although spanked in sales, nominations and album quality by Kanye West in 2007, all press eyes look to be back on Fif’ as he teams up with screen legends Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in their new movie, Righteous Kill, in US cinemas on April 18th 2008. Check the trailer, as edited in Windows Vista….

The clip doesn’t get me that excited, and 50 doesn’t appear on the official movie artwork or with speaking parts in the trailer, but the ‘let’s get the kids excited’ name drops are in there. Still, at least it won’t be the one man ego-orgy that was ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Next to DeNiro and Pacino in only his second film, it’s a power move for Curtis, which could either mean that he will shine, rising to the occasion, OR sound like he normally does in movies, which is basically how we all sound…if Oprah was sat on our face. Still whether he smashes it, or mumbles through it, I’ll probably still go watch it.

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