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    Coming through to show some support. I msg back on allhiphop. Get back to me about the American Thriller Off the Wall tape

  • Nadim


    Just returned from the Humli-Asian event and I was genuinely impressed by the set you played, particularly the set before the comedy show actually began.

    Much of my misspent youth has been spent in clubs all around the world and as far as hip hop and rnb mixes go, that ranks up there as one of the best.

    I was wondering how I can get a hold of the tracklisting or a demo cd (perhaps to even download) of the songs you mixed tonight. Your thoughts would be much appreciated . . .

    Do you also host private functions?

    Look forward to hearing from you


  • Giornale

    ..adoro the music…

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  • Tiara

    please contact me at 6623940195 Tiara because my birthday coming up on November 8 and i need a singer to sing at my 18th birthday

  • Lawerence

    Hi Lawerence, just answering your message whats gwaaning this site looks ok, whats it all about. Where are you hailing from my number is 07950 934 484 bell me

  • frankie shows

    hi came across this site do not understand much .but i know its a nice place to be any way am a musician and actor …i gat my own album made ..a mix of Afro hip hop and rock …all i need is a promoter and real big time marketer …i play pure rock to ..will like one from the UK…and this my email and as for the album …any time you need a copy i can send you one ..i am also working on a nice rock thriller video ,,,,FIGHT TO FREE YOUR SOUL… nice one i tell …stay real and remain hotter than hot….one love

  • Cristian


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