Major Lazer teach how to scare white people at Best Buy


Well ladies, is there ANYONE else you can think of to bring home, piss off Daddy and get yourself out of a trust fund?  It’s hilarious that he starts off with Will.I.Am chatting behind the decks, clothes on, ‘pon de floor’ and all that… and ends up pretty naked, airborne and off to the passion jungle with Miss Magnesia.  Apparently, Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine were also present… props to Mad Decent.  Now someone give that man a job in my bank, and that girl a morning after pill (I doubt he’ll be around to pour her a glass of water though).

Araab MUZIK on the MPC – One to watch


Never really seen the much hyped dipset sound appear in any visual form, as it’s a very synthetic music. However, this producer’s lightening hands are remarkable at putting the beat together. We also just created the category ‘Production’ just for this video. Spotted Mad Decent.

araabMUZIK Live MPC Set Part 1 from Death by Electric Shock on Vimeo.

Cerose – City Soleil


A real little indie gem I found on YouTube.  Very nicely written piece.

Sade – Soldier of Love Video


The still beautiful Sade gives us a glimpse of her privates in Soldier of Love.  Album out Feb 8th.

Props RR.

Kazz Kumar – ‘Dirty Word’ [Video]


Well here she is, with 260 hits on YouTube and 5 on Vimeo, our early endorsement of Kazz Kumar, and the video ‘Dirty Word’.  We mentioned her previously here.

OK so here’s the first artist since Jay Sean to get the full commentary from me…(see his here and here)

Firstly, let me state this, Kazz Kumar could be as big as Jay Sean and I love her as an act (British-Asian media types re-read that line when you get pissed off below).  I’ve seen her live at Bombay Bronx, but I don’t know much else aside from her being with a desi-group called Sona Family who didn’t really make music for me.  Eitherway, she is where Jay Sean was, in say 2004.  Her voice is good, but you can bank on it being great in the future depending on the songs she builds her sound around.  Her look is cutting edge, but there’s not much edge left to cut since Lady Gaga picked up a blade in 2008.  Her look is sexy fashionista, but not sex instigator, which is where the real marketability comes in (see Beyonce, Prince, Usher, Shakira, etc).

All the above aspects show potential, but one thing puts her ahead of her (albeit few British-Asian) competition.  She took a risk on a jagged pop song and delivered on it well, without pulling the tabla-sample fusion bollocks that most of her, now behind, peers lean on.  She is fundamentally a strong artist, and as such, if the points above are executed on, she could be 2 years away from her due double-platinum singles.

The video is very good, directed by the keen eye’s of rising production team Amit&Naroop (disclaimer, we know Naroop).  After 3 views, I still don’t get what’s going on for the first 36 seconds (compared to the excitement of the beat dropping that is).  That aside, Amit&Naroop did well to steer away from the cliched ‘Hollyoaks-at-best’ acting / club scene / girl stares suggestively shots, and as such gave Kazz some real mainstream visual appeal.  At times, her sex appeal does get lost in the dark shadows, and there are a few too many shots of the dude and clips for the overall narrative, but the shots with the background dancers are MTV standard.  I was pleased to see in the last few seconds that there is potential for a follow up video, as I think these guys would put together a crazy 3 parter over 3 singles.

So where does this leave us?  Well not much further than we were two paragraphs ago.  It’s a very good pop song, video and talent to put out at the beginning of a new decade, and there is no reason why mainstream radio should not play it.  Hopefully the asian industry and DJs will describe, and introduce, her correctly to mainstream audiences (yes, I mean Bobby Friction, Brit-Asian and the incurable tumour that is the AMA’s).  I really hope that this isn’t where it starts and ends, because if Kazz is supported correctly, there is a host of female Asian acts like Serese and Jaya, that can sing, and would be able to follow suit, thus creating an economy for Asian female pop acts.  (BRAINSTORM)  If fact a girl on girl shake off song/video between Kazz and Jaya on the premise of Beyonce and Shakira’s ‘Beautiful Liar’ would surely be as ground breaking as this year can take…  let’s see… lovesoul has our fingers and toes crossed.

Throwback: ChinoXL ‘No Complex’ Video


Remember when hip-hop lyrical? Chino wasn’t the first to diss, but he mastered the subliminal’s. After a quick back and forth tweetfest with ChinoXL 2 weeks ago, I remembered how hard this MC is, and the record that Yo! MTV used to play that got me into dude’s music. So here is is to share with you. will be catching up with dude in the coming weeks for an update, so keep it locked!

Oh, and it isn’t just me saying it… (co-sign of your life after the jump)


Jay-Z ‘On to the Next One’ and Freemason Video Critique


Here is the super video that actually turned around this pointless song for me.

And here is the Freemason gibberati rumour which Jigga is now using as a huge PR ploy.  Advantage Jigga?

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa


Sorry, I didn’t put ANYTHING festive for you this year. Just saw this over at Matt Mullenweg’s blog (yeah, the guy who’s company owns WordPress). Liked it, and did what the man expects me to do…re-post and credit.

DJ Neil Armstrong Skydive


Easily one of the nicest DJs in the game visits easily one of my favourite places in the world, where I did the greatest gig ever, Byron Bay, Australia, and jumps from way up high.

Jay-Z feat. Mr Hudson ‘Young Forever’


Released in line with Live Nation’s ‘you scratch our back’ policy, Jay-Z and the man they made from a single string of Sting’s hair release the artistically inclined ‘Young Forever’.  What do you think?

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