Jay-Z feat Kanye West and Rihanna – Run This Town [Video] no tags


Well – the let down continues. This really isn’t the complete record for me. Jay is STILL better than 90% of rappers – even on this record, but the highlight is Kanye. Not really impressed but Jay is still my favourite rapper and always gets the benefit of the (Reasonable) doubt.

Wale on TheHipHopChronicle.com


This is the full interview done by Sumit – much more in depth than our 3 minute version – lots going on – Sumit does a great job of growing the chat into a great piece.

J Dilla feat. Raekwon & Havoc – 24k Rap [Video]


I feel like the beat is too minimal on this joint, but you know I love gritty raps.  But feels like a 90’s mixtape cut at best.

Snoop Dogg On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire


Shout to Broken Soul Boy for the great spot!

Is Zane Lowe The New John Peel?


Absolutely yes – he played one of my favourite records yesterday and handled the editorial bit around it so well, I just had to get to my computer and do this…  P.S. here is the original P Money post that I spoke of in the video.

Wale talks Mark Ronson, his label and more – Lovesoul.TV Exclusive


Props to Vik Lovesoul (@VikLovesoul)

Joe Budden asks for a Square Dance Fight with Raekwon or Kay


This will go down as the dumbest move ever.  I have seen Rae and Kay in the club and they are not to be messed with, and I don’t think saying there is ‘no resolve’ is going to help the situation.  I think the best thing is to have these beefs aired out on a Ustream with the two guys in a room, no violence, just grown up talk.  But here’s where the guys stand at the moment.  Shout to Sumit of TheHipHopChronicle.com for being first again.

Making of D.O.A with No I.D.


Props to Hip-Hop Singh on this one!

Let The Story Begin – Making Of D.O.A. from zachwolfe.com/live on Vimeo.

Mos Def – The Ecstatic – Review by Broken Soul Boy


Here is my dude Broken Soul Boy doing another great hip-hop review (MUCH respect).

Been well content with my purchase of the new Mos Def album, The Ecstatic. A lot of different things going on in the project, and about three quarters of the album, I would consider very good.

The striking thing about this album is the production. It is only a 45 minute long album, and many of the tracks are just a bit too short in length. (That is actually very annoying throughout this album when there are some dope joints on there) And the productions are for the most part are creative and very eclectic in nature, with some random elements of speeches and other skits seemingly thrown in. Quite a few of the joints are beats which randomly flip into a different hook. All of this combined, makes The Ecstatic feel like its basis was an abstract beat tape, something not far off a Madlib/Beat Konducta type compilation, which Mos Def used a series of challenging beats for a full album.

There was also a few Middle Eastern flavoured influences that made up a chunky proportion of the album, and added quite a range of interesting music to the whole project. Right from the introductory track called Supermagic, where Mos attacks the hook that is dominated by a catchy grinding electric guitar chord, with a good flow. Embassy is another standout and strange track for me, with a classic flip in the process. Also got to rate Auditorium with a killer production, a brilliant use of a Bollywood sample and Slick Rick featuring. Speaking of guests, Talib Kweli also drops a strong rap on the History track as well.

The album progressed towards a more classic soul vibe in the latter part. No Hay Nada Mas was especially interesting where Mos rhymes in Spanish (I think!), to an extremely melodic chord that sounds straight off a harp. He adapts an ill mellow flow on this, matching the vibe of the track spot on and you just got to have faith that his rhymes in a foreign language are as reflective as the actual tune itself.

The best track off the album is Workers Comp, an ode to the graft of working life and its devastating toll. A real profound soulful cut over everything else on the album, with Mos even attempting some decent singing on the chorus.

Mos Def could have come through with more hard hitting and memorable lines on the album, and it was an annoying feature about the tracks being too short for the most part. Asides from that, there are a lot of positives from this album which stands out uniquely from the rest and brings real artistic hip hop to the masses, digging deep in the crates to get the productions compelling. The Ecstatic is Mos Def’s best work since Black On Both Sides.

Alphacat Iman as Drake – Best I Ever Had (spoof)


Nicely done.  This guy will perform with Drake once dude is walking again.  Nick teen awards or something.  Quote me. [Not factual, just guessing in advance].

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