Join us at Humili-Asian This Sat


This will be a great way to pass the time and have a laugh this Sat.  It’s not going to be humiliating because it’s all pro comics, nor is it Asian.  But to question that is an invite into host Hyde Panaser’s mind, which I’d rather stay out of because it looks dark with bats in.  Here’s the ticket link.  Of course, we’ll be DJ’ing during the intro’s and intervals so arrive early and get in the mood.


Review of Q-Tip at Roundhouse, London, 14th March 2009


Posted by Broken Soul Boy

Yesterday something spectacular happened in London town. Q Tip actually did a concert in the UK! Last time that happened was over a decade back; good things come to those who wait, but that was one seriously long wait! And he came through with style and passion, giving the hip hop heads in the Roundhouse venue, the live fix they needed of the timeless Q Tip joints, and even more amazing, the greatest tunes of the legendary Tribe Called Quest. And for that, this will rank as one of the best hip hop concerts I have ever been to.

Q Tip was giving the performance his all on stage. Right at the start, he came out on stage like some wrestler, posing some random superstar moves, before he jumped into his first track which was Shaka with the twisted melody. And he had a habit of strange expressions and interesting (if long!) intros into some of the joints. There was one moment where he continually made out he was about to say something, only to pause to let the crowd to make noise instead – it seemed to go on for ages; it was building up to something, and then finally he says ‘I just wanna ride’…and the band and DJ play Lets Ride, a massive reaction for one of his sickest joints! Being the first time ever I have actually seen Q Tip perform, he is more of an entertainer than I had realised.

Then in another long spoken word intro, which he concluded by chatting about a girl named ‘Bonita’, then the band went straight into Bonita Applebum – everyone was going mad for this tune!

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Urbanomix No.2 – Working In America Panel


Urbanomix had another great event again; this time focused on urban professionals exporting their talents to the US market. The US is an inevitable part of the growth strategy for any urban professional, whether talent or otherwise.

With thanks to panellists Jazzy B (OBE) of Soul II Soul, Platinum Producer Dready and Immigration Specialist Amanda Gillespie. Additional thanks to Amanda C. Gillespie, Inc, for sponsoring the drinks.

Bruce Lee Ping Pong – Nokia Just Became Cool Again


Shout to my girl Karencita for the link…

Big Daddy Kane Documentary On The Way!


I’ll be in the que behind Jay-Z and every other rappers who should buy a ticket for this…

As seen on

Behind the Scenes at The Slaughterhouse 'Move On' Video


The greatest hip-hop clique of now clowning with WeOwnTheNight.TV – good to see Crook physically safe, and Joell roasting Flex…LEAVE THE ACCORDS AT HOME!

Rick Ross Speaks to Funkmaster Flex – March 9th 2009


I was hyped when I thought Angie Martinez would be getting it in with Rick Ross about being a C.O. on Hot 97.  However, Angie deaded that because she couldn’t speak on everything.  However, he did show up to talk rubbish on Funkmaster Flex.  Here’s the audio that I found of the interview over on


The Greatest Rapper of All Time Died on March 9th – R.I.P. Biggie


The above heading is a quote from when Canibus battled LL Cool J.  I remember the first time I heard it while driving through my area and it was like a kick to the chest.  It said something clearly.  All the beefs we see on the streets, tweets and tubes are fully meaningless, including when ‘Bus tried to rip the mic from the arm of Cool James.  The fact of the matter is that if you go lyric for lyric, flow for flow, The Notorious B.I.G. changed the game more by the age of 24 when he died, than most, if not all, living or dead rappers to date.

Sure, rappers spoke about bling and material things since the days of Kane, or even Sugar Hill; but Biggie made you scared to leave the house with out the biggest and boldest designs.  The amount of YSL, Versace and Armani I bought in the 90’s with whatever money I had was directly down to the new persona’s this guy stabilised, wrapped in complex flows and intonations that left listeners astounded AND addicted.  HE was the originator of spitting crack, and left a void in Hip-Hop that has never been permanently filled, although did set the standards high for artists like Jay-Z to reach massive plateau’s.  Every time I think of Big, I feel sad that he’s gone, and March 9th is the overdose of that feeling.  I am happy to have genuinely come home and heard him on Tim Westwood back in 95, wildin with Craig Mack and Puffy (remember the puppy pound?), and am gutted that I was invited to R Kelly’s show in Manchester, where he and Junior Mafia opened the show and stuck around after for pictures.

Still his legacy is his music, and not some lame watered down American dream softened BS film (yup).  Buy ‘Ready to Die’ and ‘Life After Death’, watch the video’s and remember to think BIG.

Kelly Rowland with The Lovesoul DJ's and DJ Munks [Video]


Another clip that I’ve been sat on for ages. A super exclusive VIP party where lovesoul were brought in to DJ with Ms Kelly Rowland.  Her stunning figure and voice is the ultimate 1, 2, combo punch… and she’s a cool chick to meet considering she’s sitting on maaaad Grammy’s.

Kelly Rowland with The Lovesoul DJ’s and DJ Munks

Raj | MySpace Video

Lovesoul DJ's NYE 2008 Gherkin Tower London [Video]


Sorry! I’m pretty damn late on this one. We headlined at The Gherkin Tower in London last new years eve (2.5 months ago ALREADY!). Was a really nice jam… never seen so much champagne and spirits bottles popped in one place. It was definitely a recession free zone…

Lovesoul DJ’s NYE 2008 Gherkin Tower London

Raj | MySpace Video

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