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Hip-Hop is Bread Part 3 – Missy and Timbaland on Drake and Aaliyah, MOBO losing cred, Rick Ross Gold, New Nipsey Hussle



Missy and Timbaland weigh in on Drake and Aaliyah on Angie Martinez HOT 97

2012 MOBO nominations, does anyone care?

Nipsey Hussle Announces Victory Lap, so get his first two tapes in the series here.

Rick Ross goes Gold, check out Hold Me Back (Nigeria Video).

Keisha Chante to Play Aaliyah in biopic


Word on the internets is that the home girl from Toronto, Keisha Chante, is going to play Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic. Does she look close enough to the real deal?


HOLD UP! I remember being introduce to Keisha when she was like 16, in Toronto.  It might have been Lil’ X or Melanie Durrant that did the intro.  I think Keisha’s family member may have been her manager.  Yeah, she’s a sweety, much props.  Even then she was moving records, AND she had the politeness that a 15 year old (then) SHOULD have.

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