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Jay-Z, Beyonce and Trey Songs at The White House


So this is the world we live in. The worlds most successful rapper, who is married to the worlds most successful female RnB singer (and Trey Songz) head to the White House. Moments before Obama walks in the room, a picture is taken and how do we find out..? Via Twitter. Nobody is safe from the TwitPics. Spotted via RapRadar, source was Linda on Twitter.

It's…About…To Go…DOWN! President Barack Obama is in the (White) House!



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Barack Obama, Winner! Lewis Hamilton, Winner! Dizzee Rascal…not so much!


Here it is, proof that the UK school system failed Dizzee Rascal.  NOW before all the other bloggers start having seizures, I love what Dizzee does in the studio.  ‘Boy In The Corner’ was the UK’s Illmatic (yeah I said it), but I can’t help feeling that Dizzee’s boys were behind the camera making him want to front.  Chris Rock said it best, Keepin it real can be keepin it real dumb.  Plus, which comic genious put Jeremy Paxman and Dizzee Rascal on the same show?


Friends vote for Friends…Pras talks to lovesoul.TV on his relationship with Barack Obama


A great friend of lovesoul, Pras Michel of The Fugees, chats to us about being friends with Barack Obama.  The full version of of this interview is coming up next week…but for now… see this and VOTE OBAMA (if you are an American).

What do you think? You can also see our other interviews here.

Pharoahe Monch speaks on Barack Obama winning on Politics, not being black


This is another exclusive with  We caught up with our friend Pharoahe Monch, and had to go into the Obama situation.  Here’s what he had to say:

If you prefer – catch it on our Blip channel in better quality.

“If you put these people behind a black curtain and disguise their voices and just let them speak their politics, and you didn’t know that McCain was old, and you couldn’t discriminate against his age, and Palin was a woman and she didn’t have nice glasses…and Barack was a black man…I think overwhelmingly the country would gravitate towards Barack Obama’s perspective and truthfulness… I still believe it resonates in the hearts and minds of people…. It’s a clear cut decision for me… I’m supporting Barack Obama.”

Barack Obama joins Lovesoul ‘It’s possible that I am a little TOO awesome’


Barack Obama at the 2008 Al Smith Charity dinner with the US high society. He ROASTS John McCain to his face. Barack Obama is now Barack Lovesoul. Now we just gotta teach him to DJ.

Part One…

Part Two…starts incredible

If you know anyone in the US, PLEASE get them to vote for him…

Sarah Palin sees George W. Bush’s dumbness…and tries to raise it


Clip 1 – Saturday Night Live (US Parody show) doesn’t even need to try… just stick with Palin word for word

Clip 2 – Who’d have thought, a voice of reason from CNN.  The closing line in this clip is hilarious.

I’m a bit concerned by the fact that should these guys win, one will die of old age, leaving the other to rule the free world, as a village idiot.  Not conviced, here’s some icing.  Call everyone you know in the US and have them vote Obama, otherwise, we will all surely be doomed…or whatever…it’s all about job creation.

Luda Vs. Obama


Fresh off his Gangsta Grillz mixtape comes this Luda freestyle “Politics as Usual”, which heavily supports Obama in his presidential campaign. Trouble is, the lines where Luda takes swipes at Hilary Clinton and Jesse Jackson, while predictably slamming Bush and McCain (who doesn’t?) have garnered him some hate from the Obama camp. They have termed the song “greatly offensive” to all targeted and have distanced themselves from the rappers acclaim. Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Check out the song here over a third party video.

Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Listen, Luda has been the subject of much media tarnishing over his appearance on Oprah and when targeted by the Bill O’Reilly show. He reacts best in his music, as he has very well shown here. His disses are sharp and well placed, besides, I’ve got a feeling that the camp probably like the song, but can’t publicly show that.

Thanks to for the source.  Posted by Hip-Hop Singh.

Baracknophobia and Barack Obama's Vagina – Hilarious Mock of Barack Bashing in the USA


We don’t normally get political on this site, so let’s keep this under ‘comedy’. One of my favourite comedy dudes in the US, Mr Jon Stewart. Almost every second of this is hilarious…”YES WITH BUTT” too funny. Basically cracking jokes on why white US conservative media bashes Barack for no reason. Hang on, don’t we already have enough bashing material on the current President..?

Headlines – Baracknophobia | – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Shout to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. See more of their goofage on The Daily Show site.'s Excellent Song for Barack Obama


Check this:

This is how Hip-Hop was used by cultural founders such as Afrika Bambatta and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and should be used by future geniuses following in’s footsteps. Hip-Hop forever.

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