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Kanye West Ft. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson – ‘See Me Now’ Free Download


What a hell of a song. That boy a damn genius… and he knows it..!

Download: Kanye West Ft. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson – ‘See Me Now’

Props: RapRadar

Jay-Z, Beyonce and Trey Songs at The White House


So this is the world we live in. The worlds most successful rapper, who is married to the worlds most successful female RnB singer (and Trey Songz) head to the White House. Moments before Obama walks in the room, a picture is taken and how do we find out..? Via Twitter. Nobody is safe from the TwitPics. Spotted via RapRadar, source was Linda on Twitter.

Paul Chowdhry on Westwood’s Show as Westhyphenwood


This is worthy of playing in the background whilst you are on another tab.  Paul goes to the line, and buys a house there.

LOL – ‘Put the phone down Lady Gaga!!’

Bonus – Biggie’s corner shop owner.  ‘Don’t put carrots in your ear, you’ll go deaf’.

Sexyness Fight: Shakira on X-Factor Vs Beyonce and Gaga Video Phone


It’s late, I’m tired, and I feel like fighting a feminist.  First up is Shakira doing some wailing song on X-Factor…

Versus Beyonce and Lady Gaga ‘Video Phone (RMX)’ – which is the better clip in terms of music and overall new standards for hip movement?

BS aside, this is what the internet was made for, great entertainment, great songs and moving the scene forward! (even Shakira).

Beyonce Lets Fans Touch Her Booty


I hope this was a set up PR stunt, cos if I was in the crowd, I’d have gone for Mrs Carter’s Halo.

Beyonce ‘Video Phone’ Remix ft. Lady Gaga [Video]


They got the internets talking!

Beyoncé Ft. Lady Gaga – “Video Phone” [Extended Remix] from Ro'Shine on Vimeo.

Beyonce 'Single Ladies' Live at The American Music Awards 2008


The guy at the beginning is The American Dream, or Dream, basically the guy who keeps that ‘eh, eh, eh’ trend going (Rihanna – Umbrella, J Holiday – Bed).  I saw him open for Jay-Z and Mary J Blige in Madison Square Garden, NYC, earlier this year, he’s not actually that bad, and quite funny.  He did a good job with this record, it’s killing the clubs and smashed the show we did in Australia a few weeks back.

…Nothing left to say about Beyonce.

Jay-Z Documentary: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered – in full [video]


This is the best objective Jay-Z documentary I have seen.  Covers so much of the 2008 contraversey in the UK.  Shout to the BBC, Alan Yentob, and Da3Bool on YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

More after the jump… (more…)

Beyonce: Single Ladies [Video]


Stick ANY product in the bottom left corner and I’ll buy it…sweet Jeebus…

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered: Review of Jay-Z at Glastonbury


Jay headlined Glastonbury, and in his own words he’s “pretty fu–ing awesome”.

Hova took the stage during the evening of June 28th 2008, and gave a total performance in front of a very receptive crowd. The supposed opposition to him being the headline act, like Noel Gallagher P.h.D, were no where to be seen [link]. Hova gave a total master class on how to give a show, combined with research to find out how to customise the hour long performance for a UK festival crowd.


UK browsers can view the full performance on BBC’s iPlayer here:

He dropped extra songs, remixes and even some rhymes accapella, letting people truly hear the depth behind his lyrics. Beyonce was side-stage partying uncontrollably, the Oasis diss was incredible and American Boy…whoa. Magic.

The Anti-bush moment was incredibly enjoyable, and the tempo pick up into ‘P.S.A‘ was masterfully done.

It has really made me want to consider going to the festival, and put up with all the mud, just to see a show like this.

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