‘My 16’s so fly, I’ll call ’em jail bait’

‘I used to paint pictures with my 16’s, now I spit plasma big screens, look at the vivid scenes’

‘I see these n*****s claiming long beach and ain’t stepped a foot in this city, in MY city, Crooked is Biggie’



Impressed?  You should be.  Crooked I’s second installment of The Block Obama series is a fire tape, jam packed with quotables that are surprisingly easy to digest and not over complex.  If you look at this tape objectively, it should have never come out.  From 1995 onwards Crooked has consistently been beaten down by the music industry, from signing to Noo Trybe and the whole label getting dropped by Virgin, to signing with Death Row and Suge Knight… well… being Suge Knight.  Even half of this experience would have your favourite rapper flipping burgers by now, but it seems to have made Crook stronger, and now one quarter of the new Slaughterhouse has found his running pace.  Click below for full review.