I am back on the 50 Cent fan list.  This is incredible brand marketing and great for the reach of both 50 and Philips.  No wonder Curtis is soo damn cocky, he genuinely comes up with legendary ideas.  Here’s the deal.

1) 50 Cent puts out ‘The War Angel LP’ mixtape, it’s street and it’s free
2) Fif gets a huge street buzz going with this single ‘OK, You’re Right’ and addresses his critics
3) He then lines up with an award winning to ad campaign by Philips for a new TV, and chops in his music video seemlessly

And he still earns way more than the head of Saatchi and Saatchi, let’s go!

50 Cent – ‘OK, You’re Right’ Video

Based on the original advert…

and after the jump, the making of the original advert (very dope)