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Kojo Smashes a New York Comedy Club


Kojo is a big flag flyer for UK comedy and is really on the come up in the US.  Do your thing Kojo… but if you change your name to Kojeezy…I’m gonna twitdiss you (as if).

It's The Real Goes Hard in Brooklyn


“I bought this Arab Money scarf using my American Dollars” and so many more classics…

Nah Right – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

My type of funny once again by It’s the Real.

Baracknophobia and Barack Obama's Vagina – Hilarious Mock of Barack Bashing in the USA


We don’t normally get political on this site, so let’s keep this under ‘comedy’. One of my favourite comedy dudes in the US, Mr Jon Stewart. Almost every second of this is hilarious…”YES WITH BUTT” too funny. Basically cracking jokes on why white US conservative media bashes Barack for no reason. Hang on, don’t we already have enough bashing material on the current President..?

Headlines – Baracknophobia | – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Shout to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. See more of their goofage on The Daily Show site.

Russell Peters to perform on Valentines Day, Feb 14th 2009, at the O2 Arena, London


He has gone from slaying audiences at The Royal Opera House, Australia, to Madison Square Garden, NYC… and now in his conquest of history, Russell Peters will be peforming at the O2 Arena, in Greenwich, London, on Valentines Day, Saturday 14th, 2009.


Tickets on sale Sept. 1st 2008.  More news as it arrives…


His site is or go here for updates via the Facebook event.  Do not miss out, keep up with ticket info…!

Lovesoul chosen as Humili-Asian warm up DJ's


DJ Duo, Lovesoul, have been chosen as the official warm-up DJ’s for the Humili-Asian stand-up stage show, on March 9th 2008. The smash amateur British Asian comedy event, features upcoming stand-up comics showcasing their material at The Watermans Theatre, Brentford, UK, with Lovesoul warming up the crowds before the show.

Humili-Asian lovesoul flyer for March 9th

Lovesoul, well known London Afterparty DJ’s for global comic phenomenon, Russell Peters, were quoted as saying, ‘We’re really happy to be working with Hyde Panesar and the other Humili-Asian comics. We’ve built a strong fan base of comedy and music lovers, and 2008 will be the year these two scenes come together. So far it’s been a really great way to get our music out to more people.’

Those interested in tickets can click here, or to see lovesoul at other events click here.

Russell Peters on Jay Leno


In the third major new posting on lovesoul.TV, Russell finally makes it to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Russell now heads off to begin his tour of Australia. Pass this link on whilst the video is still live.

Dave Chappelle in London Stand-Up Video


Dave Chappelle at Kojo’s Famous Comedy Night. Kojo did a great job of branding the video, so all the info you need is in it, and will probably be programmed into your head at the end of the ten minute sketch. Totally unrehearsed, great ad-lib material. Chappelle…we salute you! If you can’t see it below, here’s the YouTube link, but only use it if the below doesn’t work!

New to Chappelle, or seen every episode of the Chappelle Show? Tell us what you think…

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