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Crooked I – I Wanna Rock


Wow – this guy really does chew beats to bits.. here’s the link.

DJ Critical Hype – The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends [Mixtape Download]


I’m not one to post Torrents normally, but this mixtape features the four horsemen that are carrying hip-hop groups back into fashion.  Check it out – DJ Critical Hype – The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends.


Crooked I speaks to The Wake Up Show "a couple of months ago a fan sent me a bulletproof vest"


Thank God the big homie Crooked I is alive and well… he got into it with big King Tech last week.  Audio direct from Def Jam’s DJ FricktionHere’s the audio.

Crook sounds dazed in the interview, not as hard as he did on the recent Slaughter House ‘Fight Club‘.  Keep ya head up Crook, you’re one of the greatest alive, so stay alive.

Crooked I Carrys The West on His Back Like a Feather


Unbelievable… there is hope.  Reminds me of classic early 90’s Snoop, but Crook has the hunger of 20 young rappers.   Shout to DJ Fricktion for the link and HardKnock.TV.  Hope you didn’t miss Crook’s freestyle with Joell Ortiz, Block Obama 2 Review, or Wake Up Show Special.

Part 1

More after the jump


Slaughterhouse – Miss Info Interview Part 1 and 2


MissInfo really got it in on this one.  If there’s anything real rap lovers are looking for right now, it’s the complete Slaughterhouse interview, and this is the post-SOB’s show interview.

Part One

Part Two

Joell is the future. He’s completely relaxed, jolly and taking it all in.

Joell Ortiz and Crooked I Save Hip-Hop


Quite simply – “These Rappers May Save Hip-Hop”.  They are the only way I can currently close my eyes and travel back to 1992-1995 without digging out some Yo! MTV Raps VHS’s (yeah I have ’em, test me).

God Save These Rappers.  Peace to ImNaShitFool.

Crooked I Kicks Knowledge on The Wake Up Show


I haven’t stopped bumping Block Obama part 2 for five weeks now.  I just landed this morning from Sydney, Australia and was spell checking my review when I saw this video on  The Block Obama part 2 review is on the way in a couple of posts time… in the mean time peep this and see why the West Coast has so much love for the Crooked one.

What do you think?  Is 2009 gonna be Crooked’s year?

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