Two big things:

1) I haven’t blogged up the Young Buck / 50 Cent ‘F— G-Unit’ / ‘Cry Baby’ Story. I’m not interested, it’s stupid, and 50 Cent is an evil marketing genius who cleverly takes my money every year the slick b—–d.

2) I have never blogged up Jay Smooth, I know him of course, but never shed light on the dude for no particular reason. Now I am going to my nearest all things Jay Smooth store to buy a t-shirt, mug and receding hairline latex thingymajig.

Jay Smooth is the ‘Hip-Hop version of Hip-Hop’. He referenced The Office, The Godfather, Bun B, Jim Jones and Kanye. An intelligent breakdown that is much easier on the ear than a KRS style rant. Notice the new addition to the blogroll? OK, that’s all the emotion I’m showing today, Jay Smooth’s blog is here.

Now I am going to come up with a cunning plan for drunken Jay Smooth to plant his seed into a drunken Miss Info and create a super-human hip-hop blogger called Luke, with a natural ‘force’ to save the music…

[Note to self: Stop writing during post-jogging euphoria]