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Yes, people requesting songs can be annoying…


If you are one of the requesters parodied in this video, we should stop being friends…

Rob Swift at the DMC World Championships 2009


Legend Rob Swift at The DMC World Championships 25th Anniversary 2009.  Rob speaks on what the championships mean to DJ culture, and what it means to him personally.  He also speaks on traditional vinyl versus digital DJing, and what touring Europe means to him.  Shout to Lothar at Hot Wheelz, Sally at DMC, and check out Rob Swift’s website.

We got a whole series of DMC World Championships 25th Anniversary videos coming up, please use this this link to find all the ones we’ve posted to date.

Will Smiths Cool Ass New Movie Trailer 'Hancock' …and Herbie


Will Smith’s new film looks cool as hell, here is the HD trailer (well as HD as YouTube will allow). Somehow, he’s made a black, rough version of Nathan Petrelli look very cool. The scene with the whale has me in stitches…

And whilst we’re on the subject of Hancock, many of you may not have ever heard about the guy that got 90% of your favourite DJ’s into DJ’ing (with this very clip), the Pharrell Williams of his time, and quite possibly the coolest m-f-ker on the planet…turn your speakers up, it’s DJ HERBIE HANCOCK…(click his name for the Wiki).

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