Part One:

Rae speaks on his growth as a person, his feelings towards moving drugs today and collaborating with Beanie Siegal.  (PS I heard the Beanie song – provisionally called ‘Have Mercy’ – emotion like ‘This Can’t Be Life’ on the Hov album, stellar verse, great delivery).

‘i sold drugs half my life…for me drugs is for suckers…it’s the snitch millennium…it’s over with, let it go, go get a job’

‘people wanna see a me and siegal before the see a me […]  and T.I. – T.I. is nice, but I don’t see us in the same bracket… I see me and Beans being in the same bracket’

Part Two:

On working with Dr. Dre, speaking on his involvement in Detox, his expectations on sales, and how he set the vibe for OBFCL2 vs OBFCL1.

‘[Dre] was just excited with the album… I wasn’t really thinking about [Detox]’

‘I don’t really give a fuck about the record sales shit, I already set my mark, If it do 10million, I’m happy, i’m gna still be the same rae, if it do 10,000 at least I know I gave dudes a solid album’

‘[sales figures] is rigged up, labels have relations with the retailers, shit is crooked, like the government’

Part Three:

How Raekwon the Chef was introduced to J Dilla via Busta Rhymes, and how Busta has been a true friend to Rae during his dark times with the clan.

‘out of everybody in the game, I can say that man was there for me…he was a REAL good friend…i respect Busta’

Also, on his phone compliments to J Dilla, and how the RZA sound was so well interpreted.  Also on making Busta Exec Producer, and how RZA helped get Elton Johns sample on the project.

Part Four:

A complex breakdown over the studio sessions with the Wu, and being hated on whilst clan members were actually recording for OBFCL2

‘Wu-Tang have a love / hate relationship…you love your brothers …sometime you can’t fuck with them’

‘When I made this album, I kind of felt a little jealously going on, I felt a little stagnation in the love…dudes started to get jealous’

‘I think everybody respects Wu-Tang Clan, but they might not love every individual….’

‘There have been plenty of times where I really had to look at dudes like “you sorry mfker, you just disrespectful in your own way”…’