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NEW Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his – ‘Syllables’ Download


Download Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his “Syllables”

It’s not as savage as DOA, but it’s very much needed.  All I gotta say is that all these rappers (except Stat, Dre and Cashis) all are suckers for putting their pop hook foot forward when it comes to album release time.  I’m a huge fan of clearing out the closet records, but we need an album of this nature to really galvanise the position of these artists.  Shout out to Dynamo for putting us on!

Eminem ‘Despicable’ Freestyle – Best Freestyle of 2010? Probably.


Really proves why this guy is the greatest of all time. Top 5 Dead or Alive. Too easily.

Download it here.  Or stream below.

Derick G’s Making of Weezy and Em’s ‘Drop The World’


OK, Derick G is now cockney rhyming slang for Canon 5D. You don’t know what I’m talking about do you? I feel so alone. Watch the video and thank MissInfo for the link. Who’d have thought at 3m20secs that seeing an MC mime would be so engaging?

Eminem Disses Mariah Back – The Warning – Eminem feat. Mariah Carey


At Mariah:  This is what the f I do

At Nick: You wanna ruin my career, you better get one

Damn, surely this is domestic (lyrical) violence against women.  I personally don’t think Em should’ve gone there – but hey – disses are a promo strategy nowadays.  But Nick and Mariah cannot rattle an MC who has a history of venomous passion when it comes to addressing women or people who go against him.  This record isn’t ‘Go To Sleep‘ – but it’s a tough cookie.

Eminem Freestyles and Gets Wild on German TVTotal with Stefan Raab


This is too crazy and mad hip-hop… akward… and mad hip-hop…props to Broken Soul Boy

Eminem feat Dr. Dre – 'For Old Times Sake' [Download] from Relapse Album


Eminem feat Dr. Dre – ‘For Old Times Sake’ [Download], from the soon to be platinum Relapse Album, (shoot, if whackness like Rick Ross can sell 150k first week, Eminem will be platinum plus in his first month)


Eminem “3AM” [Video]


Eminem – Relapse (Front Cover)


Formula says: ‘Leaked’ Buzz Single?
Lovesoul says: ‘Check’ (Crack a Bottle)
Formula says: Official first single with corney video taking shots at pop culture celebrities with annoying mass market hook?
Lovesoul says: Check (We Made You)
Formula says: Every blog site getting excited over a CD cover?
Lovesoul says: Go on then, check.


Just waiting on the Zane Lowe interview now Em…

Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr Dre – Crack A Bottle – NEW MP3!


DAYUM, DAYUM, DAAAYUUUMM.  Slim is back like a mu***f**k*r!!!


What do you think to THAT?!?!?!  I’m gonna burn this to a CD all by its damn self!

Exclusive: Joell Ortiz 101 – Background, Aftermath, Not Feeling Lollipop Hip-Hop


Wanna give a big shout to the big homey Joell Ortiz for taking the time out to hang out with you peeps lovesoul in London. This guys is one of the deadliest MC’s to come out of Brooklyn, NYC. Joell talks about being signed to Dr. Dre and walking away, not feeling Lollipop hip-hop, the ‘2 at a time’ foundation. If you can’t see the vid below – see it on YouTube here

Now here’s the links you need:

www.joellortiz.comJoell’s MySpaceJoell Ortiz Wiki

Is Joell the future of hip-hop..? We appreciate all comments…

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