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New Video – Estelle – Freak feat Kardinal Offishall


Missy Elliot meets LMFAO..? or is there more to it? The cameo from the born north star Mr Celebrity Face is always welcome over here at Lovesoul.TV. The Soul II Soul sample over the bassline riff is dope though. Estelle is still too singy Vs rappy… but I think the album will be dope.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 7 – Lovesoul and DJ Fricktion on The Wake Up Show – Power 106 LA


Lovesoul are invited to the World Famous Wake Up Show on Power 106 in LA, by King Tech to talk about the state of hip-hop in the UK, and pushing the boundaries in online content. Features live beatmaking, freestyles and DJ’ing by superhuman DJ Revolution

Estelle: Pretty Please feat Cee-lo [VIDEO, with no Cee-lo]


But where is Cee-lo? (…of Gnarles Barkley, or Goodie Mob if your cool like that).

Stylistically and production wise, the video’s are getting slicker, she’s a fully fledged pop star now.  But use some of that Nokia money on flying Cee-Lo in, or release the video for the Kardinal record… not having Mr Green in this joint is just half-ass.

Peanut-smuggling alert by the way…

Estelle ft. Her Breasts – No Substitute Love [Official Video]


Here it is… the new Estelle video.  We got an advanced copy and it sounds good in the CD player.  Estelle has once again chosen to hit more notes, rather than rap, which is not my personal preference as I’m still spinning 1980.  But she rode the chopped and screwed lyric nice, I’ll give her that.  It’s co-written by Wyclef, and you can here Estelle on her highest tip toes reaching for Lauryn Hills crown… but let’s be clear…you need a ladder on top of the Empire State building to get to get there…

Estelle – No Substitute Love

Estelle | MySpace Music Videos

What do you think?

P.S. Estelle cancelled her interview with Trevor Nelson and Zena, which was supposed to be a twin interview with Craig David, on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show citing illness which the radio hosts speculated was due to a heavy promotional schedule.

Lovesoul.TV Interview Sway [Akons UK Signing] and the 'F UR X' Video


Recently we caught up with UK hip-hop MC Sway, the latest signing to Akon’s label Konvict Music [or maybe Konlive as we reported here] and all around nice guy. This is our second time meeting Sway, the first was backstage at the 02 Wireless Festival a couple of years back. His career has come leaps and bounds, and just weeks away from his next smash ‘F UR X’ ft $tush being released (July 16th 2008, get your advance), we caught up with the grand ghanian to talk about some huge collaborations with Akon and Madness, being romantically linked to Estelle and a slew of deaths that almost made him quit rapping

If you can’t see the above video, watch it in YouTube quality here. Otherwise, check the new video for ‘F UR X’ below, or buy the single here.

As always, we welcome your comments below!

Estelle's 'American Boy' goes to No. 1, Akon Signs UK Rapper Sway


Firstly, well done to our girl Estelle for getting American Boy to number one in the UK charts! I feel compelled to repost the video as it’s a landmark in UK/US hip-hop collaborations.


Raj Lovesoul Sway

BUT it doesn’t end there, as at last weekend’s 1Xtra Live show in Coventry, Akon brought out UK rapper Sway, to announce his signing to Akon’s Konvict Music (though technically it may be called Konlive, ahem… tax man). Here is the exclusive audio, with a very annoying ‘i wish I was as famous as Akon so i’ll keep Ad-Libbing him‘ support DJ. Also, Akon, looses his grip of English a little, but we like him so it’s ok.

vik lovesoul sway

And watch out for Sway’s new single, F ur X, featuring $tush, which you can buy now at super hi-quality from Digital. Support Sway by visiting his MySpace and get some free mixtape downloads.

Lovesoul.TV: Estelle Ft Kanye West – American Boy


A very basic video with simplicity, style and swag. Estelle is bringing more femininity each time she comes out (I believe this is the third incarnation). Highlights are the close head shots where Estelle won’t let an ad lib go by without a name badge, the dancing shadows moving to their own beat, and my no. 1 big homie, Kardinal Offishall, making a ‘is that Kardi..? He’s not American!!!‘ cameo guest appearance. He’s international, that’s fine…

Estelle – “American Boy” ft. Kanye West

Estelle | MySpace Music Videos

Look our for neo-crooner buddy John Legend stopping by in the vid keeping an eye on his hot investment (yup, she’s signed to him, how G.O.O.D).

Kanye West 22nd Nov 2007 – London 02 Arena Review


Event Name: Kanye West, London tour
Artists: Kanye West, Common, Estelle
Venue: 02 Arena, London
Rating: 7.5/10 – “Overall a good concert”
Author: Kurran Gadhvi (first ever Lovesoul.TV reader review!)

Expectations were at an all time high for the beginning of the Kanye West tour. With the recent unfortunate passing of his mother, rumours of cancellation spread fast a week before the concert. The go-ahead email from the O2 centre put a smile on thousands of faces just days before the concert.


An hour before the concert, rumours of supporting acts such as Jay-Z, Common and others, were floating around the numerous bars of the impressive O2 centre. The Concert eventually started off with Estelle, performing a few new tracks from her forthcoming album. Some tracks have been produced by former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean, who apparently claims she is the best at creating her “own harmonies to her track”. She managed to get in ‘1980’, the track that brought her to the mainstream and the charts in 2004. However, with the sound levels not being quite right and the Arena just being half full at that time, the impact she made was definitely not worth remembering.


The second supporting act soon followed. Kanye’s fellow Chi-town native and GOOD Music label mate Common. After his big acting success in ‘American Gangster’, and scoring a Radio 1 Friendly crossover hit with Lilly Allen, you would have expected the UK crowd to give him a warmer welcome. But, how can I put this politely, the majority of the not so “hip-hop” oriented crowd, didn’t even know who he was! Hip-hop heads, such as myself, were moving away to some of his raw old-school tracks mixed with some from his latest album. Some people were singing along to Lilly Allens chorus, but that was probably the loudest the crowd were during his 30 min rendition.


The crowd started to grow restless in anticipation for the main act. Looking around with the lights on, you could tell that the crowd were mainly pop or commercial music followers and couldn’t wait for the chart topper version of Kanye to grace the stage. The lights went down, and unlike the supporting acts with just DJ’s, a drummer and poor sound levels; when Kanye came on it was a bang. The side big screens came on, his famous string quartet were on the stage accompanying the drummer, synths player, sound effects specialist (who did a solo at the end, the first SFX solo I have ever seen), guitarist and bass. Every track was special. Tracks from his new album, intertwined with some of his earlier chart toppers such as the Chaka-tastic “Through the Wire”, and the track “with Adam Levine from Maroon 5” (“Heard ‘Em Say”) were all sung along to by the crowd and the atmosphere was electric.


Then came a very touching moment, as he dedicated ‘Hey Mamma’ to his mother. He had a beam of an angel looking over him all the way through the track. With tears rolling down his cheeks throughout the song, the crowd gave him, and also to his mother, a standing ovation. The finishing track was “Stronger”, this got the majority of the crowd off their seats, shaking their booty to a beat that was apparently mixed down a record 15 times, with the help of Timbaland finishing it off in the studio. Looks like it worth it.


The Concert got progressively “Stronger”. There were many smiles going back to North Greenwhich station. Mixed reactions from some, but overall a good concert.




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