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Kanye West Ft. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson – ‘See Me Now’ Free Download


What a hell of a song. That boy a damn genius… and he knows it..!

Download: Kanye West Ft. Beyoncé and Charlie Wilson – ‘See Me Now’

Props: RapRadar

Lovesoul, DJ Fricktion (Def Jam UK) and Wu-Tang Clan: The Golden Chamber Mixtape


After months of street buzz, we finally got it finished.  We wrote the press release so you may as well read that after the jump.

Download Here – DJ Fricktion and Lovesoul: The Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted by Wu-Tang Clan

The Golden Chamber - DJ Fricktion and Lovesoul

The Golden Chamber - DJ Fricktion and Lovesoul

Download Here – DJ Fricktion and Lovesoul: The Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted by Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan - The Golden Chamber Tracklist

Wu-Tang Clan - The Golden Chamber Tracklist


The Dope Enemy feat. TQ, Shade Sheist and Mams Taylor – Free Download


It leaked last week and over 22,000 people have downloaded it.  What do you think?  Download here.


Rumours are out now of a Mams Taylor / Game / Lil’ Kim remix coming up by The Dope Enemy.  I’ll post it once I get it.

MURS: Lookin Fly [Video]


MURS is getting some groupie love, using a crazy sped up mexican horn and some sick footage from his 2008 adventures, including Rock The Bells footage…

AND if you’re the only person without the MURS and 9th Wonder ‘Sweet Lord’ mixtape, you can get it here.

Free Download: 'Bring Back Yo! MTV Raps' by DJ Kayper


Mixtape Name: Bring Back YO! MTV Raps
Created By: DJ Kayper
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10
Reviewed by: Raj Lovesoul

Yo! MTV Raps is regarded as one of the most important institutions ever to those who claim ‘real hip-hop’. Just as those lucky few who walked past the Bronx, New York, parks and discovered a young Kool DJ Herc spinning early breaks; those channel surfing on analogue Sky boxes in the UK in the mid-nineties, would have seen Dr. Dre and Ed Lover goofing around, or Fab 5 Five’s ‘fresh to death’ interviews, on this classic rap video show, which was cancelled by the men in suits all too prematurely. So when pint-sized cut-hussy Kaajal ‘DJ Kayper’ Bakrania emailed me the link for the ‘Bring Back Yo! MTV Raps’ mixtape, I clicked on it faster than a ‘Pamela Anderson kissing Pamera Anderson’ link. But can a DJ from the ‘just add bhangra’ BBC Asian Network breathe life back into a time before hip-hop died? Thankfully yes, but not all in one tape…

Bring Back Yo! MTV Raps LSTV

After the muscle flexing sample scratches and ‘best female DJ that I’ve ever seen in my life’ DJ Jazzy Jeff endorsement, DJ Kayper goes straight for the throat with Eric B and Rakim’s bassy, ‘Follow the Leader’ beat juggle. Mixtape connoisseur’s able to read between the lines find out very early that this tape is as much about skills as it is about selection. It is swiftly scratch faded out into ‘Ladies First’ by Queen Latifah and Monie Love, which left me confused about which would have been the better first record by the looping lady, and felt like a bit of an unnecessary double start. However, the swift scratch blend and beat drop into Main Source’s ‘Looking at the Front Door’ quickly made this into a mere oversight.

LL’s ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ and Rob Base’s ‘It Takes Two’ are presented masterfully in the vein of a seasoned live hip-hop DJ looking for the screamers in a crowd, stripes that she likely earned carrying Cambridge’s Hip-Hop scene on her back for many years, or touring, since winning the Vestax Juice Competition in 2003. Although the scratch fade out appears one too many times for my liking, listen out for the way Kayper spins back ‘Method Man’ and drops ‘Bring the Pain’, it’s like a swift kick in the chest from this petit power mixer.

By this point it’s clear that there is a heavy east-coast focus, which isn’t a totally accurate representation of Yo’s choice of videos, as I clearly remember Yo! showing more love to artists such as Cali’s Snoop and Dre, or Houston’s Scarface, which I assume (with fingers crossed) will appear on a sequel. When Kayper does geo-diversify and drops Comptons N.W.A or Oakland’s Soul of Mischief, it only frustrated me more, as she did an incredible job massaging these crucial beats, and I haven’t heard many DJ’s get busy on these records for a while, so I’m definitely ready to hear more of this.

My personal highlight has to be Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth’s ‘T.R.O.Y’ coming in over BDP’s ‘The Bridge is Over’. This demonstrates the level of skill usually only reserved for the DJ AM’s, A-Trak’s and Jazzy Jeff’s of the world. These are all thrones on which Kayper can realistically imagine sitting on sometime in the future. So to conclude, this tape will probably go over the head of 75% of people who casually throw around that they ‘love Hip-Hop’, then riddle their iPod with 50 Cent and Omarion, (make it 95% if you listen to BBC Asian Network, no diss). But if you’re over 21, and actually saved money to go buy a tape walkman from Argos back in the day, then this should be downloaded and played immediately. It’s well worth your 65 minutes, and will only be doomed if not followed up with a sequel which will further explore the happiest days in hip-hop.

To download the mixtape click here, or for more on DJ Kayper click here.

Free Download: 'Blue Magic' – American Gangster Remixed by DJ Ruthless


Mixtape Name: Blue Magic
Created By: DJ Ruthless
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10
Reviewed by: Raj Lovesoul

Currently, there are more American Gangster remix albums on the internet, than all the actual retail Jay-Z albums put together. This is because Jay-Z has been releasing his album acapella’s for some time. I’ve had the ones since The Blueprint, and they’re great pieces of work in their own right, (that’s right…with NO music). DJ Ruthless is likely the last one to get his through the door here at the lovesoul studio, and that’s because he proves that he knows what works for the God MC, but he kind of tells us what we already know.

The thing about this remix, versus say Chong Wizard who stuck with one very clever theme [see review], is that Ruthless has remixed this album with very familiar instrumentals, which may or may not work for you. For me, it excelled when I could tell that he’d had a proper dig in the crates. Minus the ‘Jay sounds good on every Kanye beat’ rule of thumb, he created a good finished piece of work, that sounds like it was A&R’d better than Puffy did to the actual American Gangster, so Bad Boy, you can find the UK’s DJ Ruthless here.

And now the harsh breakdown… ‘Sweet’ is absolutely incredible and if it was a finished record I would buy it in a heartbeat. ‘Pray’ over Common’s ‘The People’ is good, but the choir vocals are way too loud. ‘No Hook’ sounds beautiful mixed with The Alchemist beat, and quickly recovers the garbage Lil’ Wayne verse that comes before it on ‘Hello Brooklyn’ (Ruthless inadvertedly highlights how much Weezy sucked on that cut).

‘Roc Boys’ and ‘Party Life’ are a little monotonous, but the former is proving hard to remix on many of these tapes as the horns are so idiosyncratic in the original. Once again, Ruthless stays true to his name, gets off the mat and throws out an incredibly hard ‘Ignorant Shit’ over a broken old school break loop. ‘Success’ over Kanye’s ‘Breathe Easy’ loses some of the grandeur associated to the original BK/QB collabo, as does ‘Fallin’ during the female hook, but the Dilla produced ‘Money’ beat SMASH’S on the American Gangster title track, ending the tape hard.

Ruthless has a lot of potential in making these tapes, and by staying in the hard head lane, he highlights the Shawn Carter of old, which is what American Gangster set out to achieve. Definitely one to download asap and a DJ to watch out for. And finally, the Mixtape cover speaks for itself, it must have been chosen by a good A&R…

You can download DJ Ruthless’s Blue Magic here, or hit him up on his MySpace here.

Free Download: Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah, 'American Ironman', by DJ Chong Wizard


Mixtape Name: American Ironman
Created By: DJ Chong Wizard
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Reviewed by: Raj Lovesoul

Real hip-hop heads are massively underserved by the current mixtape DJ’s of choice. I haven’t got anything that moves me from DJ Clue, Whoo Kid, Kay Slay, or any of the oversized cap wearers who like to scream a lot. Sure, we get great tapes from Talib Kweli, Mick Boogie and Little Brother, but straight up decent concept mixtapes are few and far between. So I was more than pleased to come across Vancouver’s DJ Chong Wizard, and the best mash-up tape I’ve heard for a minute, American Ironman.

American Ironman LSTV

As the name suggests, this is a sophisticated mash-up of primarily Ghostface Killah’s 1996 CLASSIC ‘Ironman’, and 2007’s heavy hitting offering by Jay-Z, ‘American Gangster’, inspired by the film release of the same name. Wizard chooses select adlibs and vocals from the wider catalogues of Tony Starks and J-Hova, mixed in with some skilled scratching, making this tape a very original, skilled piece of work. The effort is easy to appreciate and the concept is highly applaudable, although a bit of beat breaking, sampling and looping would’ve scored more points.

This is an important mixtape, and you should hear it right now. Here are the reasons:

Ghost’s Ironman album is one of the most beautifully produced hip-hop albums of all time. The crafting of the soul samples knock harder than the P Diddy co-exec production on American Gangster, and actually improve on Jay’s overall sound by offering that harder knock. Check in particular Track 2, ‘Black Super Hero Music’, Track 4 ‘Black Day ‘Em’, Track 6 ‘Is This What Success is all About’ and the extra grit that Ghost adds to Track 8 ‘Success at The Apollo’.

Some records look like the pitch and finishing could have been improved on, like the great idea behind ‘Ignorant After the Smoke’. Overall Jay’s vocals land better on Ghost records than vice versa. But this is because Tony Starks pours more emotion into the vocal, and into the intricate crevices of the beat, which isn’t easy to transfer… that’s probably why more people sample Jay’s quirky lines. Chong Wizard also exposes Jay-Z’s concept nature. Re-listening to Jay’s verses makes you realise that American Ganagster was not the ‘concept’ album it claimed. It was basically a hustler album, with some back references to the movie so it could duck in on the dual promo. Some usage of ‘Roc Boys’ or ‘Daytona 500’ would’ve probably produced a few more classics, but either way, as an overall tape, DJ Chong Wizard is damn good and has left us with some finished tracks that are absolute keepers.

Download the MP3 mixtape, here, here or here. Or click for DJ Chong Wizards MySpace.

Mick Boogie, Busta Rhymes, J Dilla – DILLAGENCE – Download Here


The tape is finally out:


And here is the tracklist:


and of course, here is the link to download it. Ultimate respect to Mick Boogie, he’s the mixtape king.

you can also download the Mick Boogie/Kanye West Mixtape on our previous post.

Free Mixtape: Mick Boogie, Kanye, 9th Wonder, Terry Urban


What an awesome bit of news. Champion DJ Mick Boogie and his partner Terry Urban, have put out a mixtape called ‘The Graduate’ to follow up Kanye’s (Album of the Year) ‘Graduation’ (Big Shout to Mike Seedz n Stemz for the Edit).

Firstly, here’s the link – go to the bottom of the page and download the zip file to your PC.

Secondly, here is the tracklisting…

01 League Crew/Kanye West – Intro
02 Kanye West & 50 Cent – Flashing Lights (Mick Boogie Mix)
03 Kanye West & Nas – I Wonder (Terry Urban Mix)
04 Kanye West & Jay-Z – Never Let Me Down (9th Wonder Remix)
05 Kanye West & Jay-Z – Big Brother/Encore (Live)
06 Kanye & Mos Def – Good Night
07 Kanye West – I Still Love Her
08 Kanye West – Stronger (Original Unreleased Verse)
09 Kanye & Nas – Major League (Mick Boogie Mix)
10 Kanye & Biggie – Kicks Open Doors (Terry Urban Mix)
11 Kanye West – A Million And One
12 Kanye West, Little Brother & Lil Wayne – Breakin’ My Heart (Mick Boogie Mix) (prod. 9th Wonder)
13 Kanye West – Champion (Live)
14 Kanye West & Jay-Z – Everything I am (Terry Urban Mix)
15 Kanye West – Freestyle
16 Kanye West & Common – Get ‘Em High (A-Trak Remix)
17 Consequence & Kanye West – Complications (Mick Boogie Mix)
18 Kanye West & Ludacris – Breathe In (9th Wonder Remix)
19 Kanye West & Talib Kweli – The Bounce/Two Words (live)
20 Kanye West – Two Words (9th Wonder Remix)
21 Kanye, Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes – Imagine 2008 (Terry Urban Remix)
22 Kanye West, Consequence & Patti Labelle – Anything
23 Consequence & Kanye West – Skillz (Terry Urban Mix)
24 Kanye West & Common – Glory (Mick Boogie Remix)
25 Kanye West & Termanology – Everything (The Diddy Song)
26 Kanye West & Consequence – Don’t Forget ‘Em
27 Kanye West, Common & Lupe Fiasco – Southside (Terry Urban Remix)
28 Kanye West & Little Brother – Naaw (9th Wonder Bonus Track)

As a hip-hop head, you cannot ask for more to brighten up your day. And of course, here is the artwork:

Mick Boogie Terry Urban Graduation Mixtape

Extra big shout to HipHopDX for coming through with the info

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