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Jay-Z Interview on Real Time with Bill Maher [Video]


Catch both posts over at Roc4Life.  Props to Hip-Hop Singh who has his finger on the Jay-Z pulse today.  (Oh ok, if you’re under 30, ‘pause’…happy now?)


Producer Apple Juice Kid Interview on Lovesoul Web Cam


Last week, the leaked Nigerian Party record ‘My Sweetie’ by Wale caused a massive stir online – to the point where Wale (who leaked it himself with just one link on Twitter) said that he may place it on his new album.  Lovesoul tried to figure out how we could get in touch with the gifted Nubian producer, Apple Juice Kid, to find out about his strong African roots.  Turns out it’s a white guy from North Carolina with an envious musical repertoire, bad ass drum swagger, and knack for polishing beats and mixtapes into genuine classics – as endorsed by RapRadar and Mick Boogie.  We also made interview history (at least in the blogs that we read), by doing the first GChat web interview.  Expect more in the future as we work closer with overseas artists.  But for now, enjoy the MC Lyte and Camp Lo producing talent that is The Apple Juice Kid.  This is one of our best posts to date.

Part One – Where The Apple Juice Kid came from.

Part Two – Where The Apple Juice Kid is going.

Download The Apple Juice Kid’s amazing and original projects – Miles Davis Remixed, The Remix Project [hip hop classic with a band], Wale – ‘My Sweetie’ or visit his site or twitter.

Lovesoul.TV Month Day 20 – The RZA – Part One


One of the best and most in-depth interviews to date with a personal hero – The RZA.  Love this dude and the time he gives our crew…here we get into artistry, keeping the clan together and his various characters.

A New Prince Interview – Incredible Insights and a Triple Album!


Also check out Prince part 2 on the music industry and the awesome comments on Sade made by Prince to Rolling Stone.  That’s how you deliver a compliment!

Spotted at MissInfo and Rolling Stone.

Biggie's Last Interview on The Wake Up Show


Peep some of my online / hip-hop heroes Sway and King Tech, with Biggie and Lil’ Cease covering KEY issues regarding Tupac, the Biggie car crash and some dope freestyles from Life After Death.


Jay-Z 10th No 1 Album 'American Gangster' Exclusive Cipha Sounds Interview


So I was going to post about Jay-Z equalling Elvis by getting 10 Number One Albums. But I got bulazy (kinda like ‘busy’ mixed with ‘lazy’). But there it is, the facts. He has to do another 9 number ones to beat the Beatles, which I believe is possible.

Now, here’s the bit that I saw online that I wanted to share. I’ve always loved Cipha Sounds, his production (Nina Sky, 112 Remixes), DJ’ing and hosting. But now the dude is coming with some wicked web TV, including a 3 part, very funny, Jay-Z interview.

Hope you guys enjoy this…

Part One: Jay talks about the American Gangster concept

Part Two: Jay talks retirement and the way his last album, ‘Kingdom Come’, was recieved

Part Three: Marriage, Kids and Jay’s Future…and the Roc Future. Note how he holds back on the Jadakiss signing.

Hope you enjoy – Big up Cipha Sounds again

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