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Jay Sean blogs about last two years in America


File this under ‘Fkin Ridiculous’ right?  Hounslow’s favourite son writes up his meteoric rise since entering the US music scene.

“So, another year gone, and so much has happened. Sometimes it feels like it’s all one big blur, and thankfully, I have photos and calendar entries to see exactly what it was that I did!! 2010 was a year in which I witnessed growth. Growth as an artist, as a vocalist, and a songwriter but perhaps more importantly growth as a human being. 2009 ended with me having wedged my foot in the door, and 2010 gave me the opportunity to walk proudly in, quietly confident.”

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Mary J Blige feat Jay Sean – Each Tear – NEW VIDEO


I cannot speak on how truly big this is… Hounslow stand up!

Jay Sean Cash Money Album Launch London


Last Friday night, Vik and I were invited to witness Jay Sean and Birdman blow most new artists whole album budget on one party.  London hasn’t seen anything like this for a long time.  Guests included Birdman and Slim of Cash Money, Rihanna, Ice-T, Alesha Dixon, Manny Norte, Reggie Yates (with Jay-Z wardrobe in tow), Craig David and many more.

Very big event for the UK music industry, indie artists, and for south Asian artists.  This guy is in unchartered territory and scouring the landscape very well.  Jay Sean’s album ‘All or Nothing’ is out now.  Purchase links are at  Props to Kodak for the Zi8 cameras we used.

Jay Sean – Down (Shayal Remix)


I’m not gonna front, I thought all the Genuwine stuff Shayal did was crap with the sun shining on it, but this has got a hybrid feel of a classic nineties British remix with a modern day uptempo ATL RnB step. Never let it be said I don’t give credit when it’s due.

Jay Sean – Down (feat. Lil Wayne) [Video and Review]


This only happens every so often – Raj Lovesoul on Jay Sean’s Career… Here’s the new video called ‘Down’ feat. Weezy F.B. a.k.a Lil Wayne.

There are 2 things that the great DJ in the sky made it easy for British DJ’s to do.  1) blink, and 2) hate on Jay Sean.  I’ve heard countless people from regular joe’s, to so called tastemakers, say Jay Sean is this and that, he’s arrogant, he doesn’t really talk to people, etc, etc.  Well to be honest, if I had a video like this to deliver, I wouldn’t allow myself to get distracted.  From time to time, I’ll casually sing Jay’s praises.  It’s been widely accepted that he’s carried the ‘britsh asian boy does RnB’ title on his back for years (sorry raghav, your names not on the list, you’ll have to que and pay).

But this video is out of here… as in Estelle feat. Kanye West… outta here.  Let me back peddle.  I heard this on the radio, and I personally thought that the track was found when someone at Cash Money hacked into Akon’s PC and raided the recycle bin, and nabbed Colby O’Donnis’s A&R blueprint too.  I couldn’t tell the difference between this, JLS and countless others.  I was almost ready to take Hova’s beat and record ‘Death of Akon-Tunes’.  But the reality is, only Jay Sean sets the standards for Jay Sean – and he knew where he was going.  We are not expected to like everything he does straight away because he himself is on new ground everytime he grows musically, and this video has impressed me because it works at a global level.  There is no music market that will not go crazy for the visual, the traditional urban RnB rap consumers will eat up Lil Wayne’s verse (it worked for Bobby V and Lloyd), and Jay’s 2-4-1 creatine vouchers are subtley leveraged in the first few seconds (this would be a very different review if dude had his shirt off through-out).

As far as the dancing, probably the best move I’ve seen in his career.  Did he do a 8 bar break and bust a move through it like Usher, nope.  But he pulled of the ‘dancing without really dancing’ thing perfectly, allowing him to explore this aspect further in his videos further if he wishes.  I am now a fan of this track, but I’m more impressed by the fact that Jay has kicked in the door to the US, but stepped back before running through it to think through his strategy (Robbie Williams, get Jay’s BB Pin, dude figured it out).  Also, hearing ‘Ride It’ get washed away by the thunder and wound down was a nice touch to… the efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Word is ‘My Own Way’ will be re-released for the US, possibly with a new title, in October 2009.  Support Jay at his site or on twitter.

Lovesoul.TV: Jay Sean's New Video – Maybe


So we got the new video for Jay Sean’s ‘Maybe’, out April 7th, 2008. Although the comments we saw onYouTube were not very positive at the time of writing this story, I personally think the song is pretty hot. Although the video may not tell us anything new about this rising UK RnB sensation, it has some cool camera work when he first sits down, courtesy of Director Richard Pengelley. Would’ve been good to see that built on more.

The video is also produced by Shurwin Beckford, who you may know as Trevor Nelson’s long time producer on MTV’s The Lick. What do you think? Hit the comments button below to add yours.

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