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Kanye West feat Jay-Z – H.A.M [Download]


Download Kanye West feat Jay-Z – H.A.M

NEW Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his – ‘Syllables’ Download


Download Eminem ft. Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo & Ca$his “Syllables”

It’s not as savage as DOA, but it’s very much needed.  All I gotta say is that all these rappers (except Stat, Dre and Cashis) all are suckers for putting their pop hook foot forward when it comes to album release time.  I’m a huge fan of clearing out the closet records, but we need an album of this nature to really galvanise the position of these artists.  Shout out to Dynamo for putting us on!

Kanye West ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj – Monster [Video Preview] WOW


And the award for MTV video of the year goes too…

People keep saying that Nicki owned Jay-Z on the record.  My question is why was Ross even on it?  Those bars should have gone to Q-Tip, T.I. or Big Boi.  Props RR.

Jay-Z and Warren Buffett speak to Steve Forbes


Excellent – breaking new ground every single time – the black Warren Buffett…

Jay-Z Absolut Vodka Documentary around BP3 release


Fairly standard, co-branded regurgitating of all of Mr Carter’s key messaging around the release of the album. It’s all about storytelling.

Jay-Z, Beyonce and Trey Songs at The White House


So this is the world we live in. The worlds most successful rapper, who is married to the worlds most successful female RnB singer (and Trey Songz) head to the White House. Moments before Obama walks in the room, a picture is taken and how do we find out..? Via Twitter. Nobody is safe from the TwitPics. Spotted via RapRadar, source was Linda on Twitter.

RapRadar 3 part interview with Jay-Z’s producer Young Guru


YN of RapRadar, a ‘closer’ blogger to Jay-Z, and the insightful and ever real Young Guru, get it in for 3 parts here.

Jay-Z ‘On to the Next One’ and Freemason Video Critique


Here is the super video that actually turned around this pointless song for me.

And here is the Freemason gibberati rumour which Jigga is now using as a huge PR ploy.  Advantage Jigga?

Jay-Z feat. Mr Hudson ‘Young Forever’


Released in line with Live Nation’s ‘you scratch our back’ policy, Jay-Z and the man they made from a single string of Sting’s hair release the artistically inclined ‘Young Forever’.  What do you think?

KRS-ONE – ‘Jay-Z is NOT above battling!’


The walking contradiction that is KRS-One weighs in on the smoke that is 50 Cent Vs Jay-Z.  The brilliant Chuck ‘Jigsaw’ Creekmur brings KRS out in a way that hasn’t been done for a long time (i.e. there was no ‘wtf KRS?’ moment).  UPDATE AS WATCHING: KRS said ‘Yayo is no joke’ – ok so FML, Chuck couldn’t keep Krs from saying some dumb shit.  Yayo is about as terrible as it gets, you’re wrong Kris, email me if you disagree.  Done.

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