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Joe Budden asks for a Square Dance Fight with Raekwon or Kay


This will go down as the dumbest move ever.  I have seen Rae and Kay in the club and they are not to be messed with, and I don’t think saying there is ‘no resolve’ is going to help the situation.  I think the best thing is to have these beefs aired out on a Ustream with the two guys in a room, no violence, just grown up talk.  But here’s where the guys stand at the moment.  Shout to Sumit of for being first again.

Slaughterhouse – Miss Info Interview Part 1 and 2


MissInfo really got it in on this one.  If there’s anything real rap lovers are looking for right now, it’s the complete Slaughterhouse interview, and this is the post-SOB’s show interview.

Part One

Part Two

Joell is the future. He’s completely relaxed, jolly and taking it all in.

Joell Ortiz – Brooklyn We Go Hard…for 1m26sec…


I love Joell, but he’s gotta give us more than this on this beat!  I hope this is a mixtape skit at most.

Joe Budden, we need another lecture on why verses should be longer…

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