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Derick G’s Making of Weezy and Em’s ‘Drop The World’


OK, Derick G is now cockney rhyming slang for Canon 5D. You don’t know what I’m talking about do you? I feel so alone. Watch the video and thank MissInfo for the link. Who’d have thought at 3m20secs that seeing an MC mime would be so engaging?

Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Leaks


The good plumbers at RapRadar reported another leak today, and this one’s a doozy. Lil Wayne’s highly-anticipated and heavily pushed back ‘Rebirth’ (his ”rock” album) has been shipped to 500 people by Amazon. I wonder if Birdman et al, will make up the lost revenue by suing the Amazonians?

And so… in an effort to discourage people supporting the leak, I’d like to offer an alternative black male rock lead. Ladies and gentlemen, Hootie and the Blowfish…

Lil Wayne Documentary by QD3 – First Ten Minutes


Had a similar feeling before I saw Fade to Black, but it’s not as easy to see the happy ending on this one.

Lil' Wayne Does Grammy Top 10 on David Letterman


Weezy done gone mainstream…

Lil' Wayne Interview with 'Miss Katie' on CBS News


Props to MissInfo (again) – yeah, it’s hard to ignore her 9000 daily posts at the moment.

Lil' Wayne featuring Pharrell Williams – Ay Man


These two are putting it down.  The song ‘YES‘ was too ill.  Here’s the next one – Ay Man [Download].

You like?

Raje feat. Lil Wayne and Tyga – Loser (Remix)


Dope for a new artist.  Drums go off nice at the end.  All I got is this jacked MySpace pic of Raje, remember where you heard it first.  I’m not sure if he’s a real artist but the joints sound good.


Saw a download link here

Lil Wayne: Prom Queen, First Single from Rock Album [Download]


I am just gonna post this, sleep on it and fill the rest in later.  I think being sleepy and hearing this is a no-no.


Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (Download)

Update: Hip-Hop Singh writes

Weezy is getting is getting all rock star on us.  Not content with tearing up the hiphop billboard, it seems rock music is just another part of his hustle.

Ever get the feeling he’s getting his Kanye on?

Pharrell Trades 5 Songs with Lil' Wayne for Repackaged N.E.R.D Album Verses


Turns out Pharrell is going to be repackaging the N.E.R.D. ‘Seeing Sounds’ album, with guest verses, including one from the 2008 MVP, Weezy F Baby.

Inside The Mind Of Lil Wayne Part 2

The Hook Up | MySpace Video

Weezy states [circa 1.00 min] ‘Earlier I had a session with Pharrell… I think he’s going to repackage the N.E.R.D. album, I did something for that…he’s got some kind of compilation coming out, I did something for that…and he gave me five songs for myself.’

Lil' Wayne's Son Born Dwayne Carter III in Cincinnatti – Mother TBC


Update: Pics Available of Baby Mama Sarah

According to an announcement by Miss Info, Weezy F, has a new Baby.  The condom weilding rapper must have ran out of stock some months ago, and here we have it.  Here’s a picture of Weezy’s condom advert until more pics become available.

Also, Info’s story eludes to an alleged 21 year old as the mother… this being her second child.  My money is on her for the maximum child support claimed ever by the age of 25… I guess that’s one way to beat the credit crunch.  We wish the couple and newborn the best of health.

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