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Drake and J Cole London Afterparty, Record Breaking Crowd


As stolen a few seconds ago from Twitter… Doors open in 15 minutes.  Twit peeps who took the pics are credited below.

Props @SamirSamir


Christmas Eve and New Years Eve 2010 with Lovesoul


So here are the announcements for where you can party with the Lovesoul DJ’s on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

First up, on Christmas Eve, we’ll be at The Clubhouse, Breakspear Road, Ruislip, HA4 7SB [map].  You need to be on the guestlist, however it is FREE ENTRY if you arrive between 8pm and 10pm, and there’ll be free shisha.  Below is a quick invite from the owner, Haps Dhand.


For NYE we’re back with our brothers from other Mothers, Flashback.  This year we’re at The Cuban, Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker St, City of London EC2Y 9AW [map].

For tickets, please call Lovesoul now on 07806 35 35 66.  Below is the flyer.

Snoop Dogg Announces UK Dates. First Time in 5 Years.


The legend that is Snoop Dogg is back in the UK this year. The details are:

Main Stage, Wireless Festival, Hyde Park – July 3rd 2010
Glasgow 02 Academy – July 4th 2010
London Shepherds Bush Empire – July 9th 2010

Tickets go on sale Friday 18th June 2010 at Very glad to see Uncle Snoop got his UK Visa back.

Russell Peters 2010 UK Tour in London 02 and Birmingham Announced for September


Hope you enjoy the news. Dates are

One Be Lo in London with the lovesoul DJ's – 93 Feet East – Sunday 28th Sept 2008


It’s officially going down. The Lovesoul DJ’s will be opening for underground hip-hop sensation One Be Lo, who is returning to the UK shores after years. Below is the flyer, and below that are the ticket links with more info on other acts including DJ Complexion, Ramon Santana and a live sax player.

Tickets are £5 for regular entry (click here to purchase) or £7 with a jerk chicken burger (click here for that ticket).

Russell Peters to perform on Valentines Day, Feb 14th 2009, at the O2 Arena, London


He has gone from slaying audiences at The Royal Opera House, Australia, to Madison Square Garden, NYC… and now in his conquest of history, Russell Peters will be peforming at the O2 Arena, in Greenwich, London, on Valentines Day, Saturday 14th, 2009.


Tickets on sale Sept. 1st 2008.  More news as it arrives…


His site is or go here for updates via the Facebook event.  Do not miss out, keep up with ticket info…!

Lil' Wayne London Interview with DJ Semtex, both parts.


Finally the big homie DJ Semtex posted up video 1 and 2 from his kick ass interview with a slightly relaxed Lil’ Wayne.

Video One: From a few weeks back, Sizzurp-tastic talk

Video Two: Wayne won’t answer Semtex’s question on New Orleans

Pretty good work by DJ Semtex, all things considered, his patience and experience with big acts brought out a lot of Wayne’s character.  Please leave your comments.

Bottle thrown on stage at Lil' Wayne in London… Video interpreted


This is huge news, verging on gossip-mongering I know, but pretty huge. So just hours after 1Xtras Trevor Nelson and Zena were throwing roses on the runway for the arrival of Lil’ Wayne in London, the man himself was on stage. Here’s the video clip of what looks like a non-performance which seemed to p-ss the UK crowd off to the point of cursing out Weezy F. Baby and throwing water bottles at him [source RealTalkNY on YouTube].

Now here’s the OFFICIAL lovesoul interpretation.

00.00 to 00.13 seconds – The hype-ass Swizz Beats remix of ‘It’s me Bitch3s’ comes on for Wayne sick verse. Crowd is hyped and obviously behind the track. The hype man to the right raises his hand in support, Weezy doesn’t even raise his head.

00.14 seconds – An (assumed) underpaid and demotivated security guard remembers a cheeseburger he left backstage. Distressed by the thought of what impact the aging pickle would make on the processed cheese, he leaves to stage left, leaving Weezy unsupervised and still doing nothing but pacing.

00.15 to 00.50 seconds – Lil Wayne continues to ponder around the stage, insultingly with his back to the crowd while they sing a long to the ‘Lick the rapper’ line. Neither of Waynes homies make eye contact with him. He, by now, should have surely clicked that he’s not giving the crowd any type of show. White coated homie on the left clicks on that something is wrong, shrugs, and also turns his back.

00.51 – 01 minute 08 seconds – Security comes back, all ok with the cheeseburger, probably good for another few hours. Crowd realise that Wayne is seemingly uninterested in performing and a bottle hits Weezy in the chest. He is un-moved and un-emotional, as well as unaware that his security has not seen it as another burger check was needed.

01 minute and 09 seconds – Crowd screams ‘oh!’ as they realise what happened. Security takes 10 WHOLE seconds to be briefed by one of the homeboys to the right about what just happenend, and only then takes a step to front stage.

01 minute and 25 seconds – Weezy finally brings the mic up to his mouth and says ‘I don’t know who just done that, but this whole mfkin crowd need to beat his ass cos he just… he fked up the whole show’. He drops the mic and exits stage right.  Camera movements suggest a riot breaking out and maybe a few London dudes jumping on stage as more water is thrown.

Here’s my summary. This is Hip-Hop. He wasn’t rhyming, breakdancing, doing live graffiti or DJ’ing. This left him with no substance and gave the crowd no clue as to where he was going, what his intentions were, or if he even cared about the show and giving people value for their ticket stub.

Now I LOVE LIL’ WAYNE RECORDS, fact, ask anyone. And I read on MoveTheCrowd and Hattie C’s Blog that Lil’ Wayne brought some serious fire before and after this occurrence, but was distracted by the marring of violence all night. Now he should have addressed this more calmly, not added fuel to the fire and encouraged anyone to get beat up, or not perform. Someone should’ve told Wayne that the UK has always been in the top 4 Hip-Hop consuming markets globally after possibly Germany and Japan, and therefore everyone who takes to the stage has to try to bring it, or get touched by the guys that jacked ATL, Mobb Deep, Ja Rule and a heap of others. This is a sad day for one of my favourite recent emcees and I’d like to see it addressed on record very soon. Security and promoters, step ya game up too. Let’s give US rappers a reason to come through and polinate with our Hip-Hop and make history.

Kanye West 22nd Nov 2007 – London 02 Arena Review


Event Name: Kanye West, London tour
Artists: Kanye West, Common, Estelle
Venue: 02 Arena, London
Rating: 7.5/10 – “Overall a good concert”
Author: Kurran Gadhvi (first ever Lovesoul.TV reader review!)

Expectations were at an all time high for the beginning of the Kanye West tour. With the recent unfortunate passing of his mother, rumours of cancellation spread fast a week before the concert. The go-ahead email from the O2 centre put a smile on thousands of faces just days before the concert.


An hour before the concert, rumours of supporting acts such as Jay-Z, Common and others, were floating around the numerous bars of the impressive O2 centre. The Concert eventually started off with Estelle, performing a few new tracks from her forthcoming album. Some tracks have been produced by former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean, who apparently claims she is the best at creating her “own harmonies to her track”. She managed to get in ‘1980’, the track that brought her to the mainstream and the charts in 2004. However, with the sound levels not being quite right and the Arena just being half full at that time, the impact she made was definitely not worth remembering.


The second supporting act soon followed. Kanye’s fellow Chi-town native and GOOD Music label mate Common. After his big acting success in ‘American Gangster’, and scoring a Radio 1 Friendly crossover hit with Lilly Allen, you would have expected the UK crowd to give him a warmer welcome. But, how can I put this politely, the majority of the not so “hip-hop” oriented crowd, didn’t even know who he was! Hip-hop heads, such as myself, were moving away to some of his raw old-school tracks mixed with some from his latest album. Some people were singing along to Lilly Allens chorus, but that was probably the loudest the crowd were during his 30 min rendition.


The crowd started to grow restless in anticipation for the main act. Looking around with the lights on, you could tell that the crowd were mainly pop or commercial music followers and couldn’t wait for the chart topper version of Kanye to grace the stage. The lights went down, and unlike the supporting acts with just DJ’s, a drummer and poor sound levels; when Kanye came on it was a bang. The side big screens came on, his famous string quartet were on the stage accompanying the drummer, synths player, sound effects specialist (who did a solo at the end, the first SFX solo I have ever seen), guitarist and bass. Every track was special. Tracks from his new album, intertwined with some of his earlier chart toppers such as the Chaka-tastic “Through the Wire”, and the track “with Adam Levine from Maroon 5” (“Heard ‘Em Say”) were all sung along to by the crowd and the atmosphere was electric.


Then came a very touching moment, as he dedicated ‘Hey Mamma’ to his mother. He had a beam of an angel looking over him all the way through the track. With tears rolling down his cheeks throughout the song, the crowd gave him, and also to his mother, a standing ovation. The finishing track was “Stronger”, this got the majority of the crowd off their seats, shaking their booty to a beat that was apparently mixed down a record 15 times, with the help of Timbaland finishing it off in the studio. Looks like it worth it.


The Concert got progressively “Stronger”. There were many smiles going back to North Greenwhich station. Mixed reactions from some, but overall a good concert.




Event Review: Flashback, Mustard Bar, 24th Nov 2007


Event Name: Flashback
Artists: Flashback DJ’s and DJ Rav (Guest Host Raj Lovesoul)
Venue: Mustard Bar, London, EC4M 8EN
Rating: 8.5/10 – Make the effort to attend this party

If your looking for an old school RnB night, Flashback sets the industrial standard. Not only was the beautiful Mustard Bar packed with equally, if not more, beautiful women and well dressed guys, but more importantly, 17 year veteran Flashback DJ, Ritesh Shah, was in his element behind the turntables when we got there.

As a DJ, this vinyl junky’s ‘old school’ records were probably pre-releases when Shah first got his hands on them, and we’re talking all the classics from 70’s MJ to Donnell Jones and everything in between. He has since built up a core following of people who not only loved the music on the night, but also came dressed in anything from suits and cocktails dresses (you know the type, champagne in hand), to girls in vests, caps and whistles raving like they were on a beach in Thailand.

Also on hand was DJ Rav, who’s seemless cd mixes never let the energy drop for a second. Of couse Vik Lovesoul and I were in the house from around midnight, at which point the dancefloor was packed, and the various lounge areas were comfortably populated with the over 25 year olds mingling and catching up from Flashbacks of the past.

Around 1.15am, the mic came my way, and this was the party in London to host for. The response was electric. Leciester was in the house, and typically made enough noise to wake up people sleeping in France. London was putting in some energy, as was a group in town from New Zealand, which all kept the vibe up.

The only reason we kept the rating down to an 8.5 out of 10 is because you can rest assured that the Flashback team are always improving, and we wouldn’t want to use a 10 rating on them just yet, only for them to somehow by even better at their next event, (so maybe at the 20 year special in 2010?). They’re miles ahead of the competition, but definately know that they have the potential to be even bigger. And after 17 years, it would take a giant to stop them.

Click the links to join the Lovesoul Facebook Group, The Flashback Facebook Group and DJ Rav’s Facebook Group.

For all other info on the artists in this article go to or

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