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The Blackberry Bold UK Release with Pictures – Raj Lovesoul’s VERY EARLY preview


Here’s the write up on the Blackberry Bold (I been sat on this story for a month too, just been way busy). First thing is first, those in the know want to know when it’s coming out… according to this Pocket-Lint story:

3 has told Pocket-lint that it will not be the first operator to offer the new handset in the UK. That pleasure, according to a 3 spokesman, will go to Vodafone. According to the spokesman, “Vodafone will be launching the handset it the next two weeks”. Vodafone however would never confirm or deny the rumour, however suggested to Pocket-lint that: “We are hoping to launch the Bold before 1st November”…

Now, my favourite bit (DJ’s, MC’s, check the date stamp of this blog for future reference) – I have already messed with the Blackberry Bold, and have one on pre-order, so as the saying goes…FIRST!!! …don’t hate… OK do…



….keep hating, I’m not done. I got the hook-up direct from Blackberry in the UK, though it’s not my style to mention names and get that person into trouble. Firstly, the half-VGA screen is awesome, way better than anything we’ve seen in conventional phones and especially on PDA’s. The operating system is fast and slick, although the bottom of the screen horizontal hot icons (normally over to the left and vertical) almost look like a permanent fixture when you first see them because of the unnecessary black border. The movie imagery is brilliant, and the sound seems to be heading that way too, although I was outside for the testing. You get to keep the 35mm headphone jack, and side hot keys from the Curve also. (more…)

Lovesoul.TV Interview Sway [Akons UK Signing] and the 'F UR X' Video


Recently we caught up with UK hip-hop MC Sway, the latest signing to Akon’s label Konvict Music [or maybe Konlive as we reported here] and all around nice guy. This is our second time meeting Sway, the first was backstage at the 02 Wireless Festival a couple of years back. His career has come leaps and bounds, and just weeks away from his next smash ‘F UR X’ ft $tush being released (July 16th 2008, get your advance), we caught up with the grand ghanian to talk about some huge collaborations with Akon and Madness, being romantically linked to Estelle and a slew of deaths that almost made him quit rapping

If you can’t see the above video, watch it in YouTube quality here. Otherwise, check the new video for ‘F UR X’ below, or buy the single here.

As always, we welcome your comments below!

Exclusive Interview with Mams Taylor in LA


So I recently bumped into a young Brit in LA who happens to be a talented young rapper with an all-star album on the way. Check the muscle-clad mic fiend out in an exclusive interview for lovesoul.TV. He goes by the name, Mams Taylor. And pretty much has everyone on his album from Travis Barker, Snoop Dogg, Robbie Williams and Lil’ Jon to Scott Storch and…actually just watch the interview…

Now if you were clever enough to Google him, you may find him on the Hollywood rumour mill for knocking out Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe. Here is the video link. Now I interviewed this guy, and as you saw, he was polite as day with no attitude…just another guy you’d meet down at the kebab shop… if that guy was built like a UFC fighter and knew the whole music industry. We’ll keep you updated on this rising star. Shout to O.G. Mugs for the intro.

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