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Christmas Eve and New Years Eve 2010 with Lovesoul


So here are the announcements for where you can party with the Lovesoul DJ’s on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

First up, on Christmas Eve, we’ll be at The Clubhouse, Breakspear Road, Ruislip, HA4 7SB [map].  You need to be on the guestlist, however it is FREE ENTRY if you arrive between 8pm and 10pm, and there’ll be free shisha.  Below is a quick invite from the owner, Haps Dhand.


For NYE we’re back with our brothers from other Mothers, Flashback.  This year we’re at The Cuban, Citypoint, 1 Ropemaker St, City of London EC2Y 9AW [map].

For tickets, please call Lovesoul now on 07806 35 35 66.  Below is the flyer.

Rapper Delight with Souls of Mischief and UK MC’s


Shout to Sumit from for coming up with this dope idea. Should be something in this for fans of both UK, and classic US hip-hop. Enjoy.

Raj Kotecha at Social Media Week


Yes, that’s my full name :-)

Social Media Week is a cool series of networking / thought-leadership events that take place in London, New York, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Toronto and Berlin in the first week of February.  I have been asked to chair the music industry event, with some great people I respect.  We’ll be covering topics such as the impact of social networking on music, and how the business has changed, as well as what can be done to stay ahead of the curve.  All the info on the questions we’ll be asking, as well the registration info is here.  Hope you can make it.

Lovesoul’s Musical Advent Calendar Day 7 – Something About You (New Edition)


Big tune with a bonus bit of Aretha ft Lauryn Hill

Lovesoul’s Musical Advent Calendar Day 6 – Sex on Fire


This is the most creative one so far, including PROOF that these songs rock out at a lovesoul party!

Lovesoul’s Musical Calendar Day 5 – Apache


I can see when we look back on this series that this one’s gonna be a favourite. Hands on your hips, let’s go… (shout to the Shadows)

Lovesoul’s Musical Advent Calendar Day 4 – La Bamba


Here we go with the quirky stuff…

Lovesoul’s Musical Advent Calendar Day 2 – Prince ‘1999’


Another classic on 7 inch with some odd cover work.

Yorel found in Piccadilly Circus London


He held down the rhymes so here’s the post we promised him… check him out at

Interview with Mr Brady of Deep Rooted by Vik Lovesoul


An extension of our Soul of Mischief interview. Nice guy, so we thought we’d give him his own clip. The myspace is def worth a check out – dude is a pretty wicked producer.

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