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Cee-Lo Green’s New Show ‘Lay It Down’


Looks like the innovators at Fuse have really picked an amazing conduit to the Hip-Hop, RnB and Rock space in Cee-Lo Green.  The first show will feature NERD, Ludacris and Janelle Monáe, and the trailer looks super dope.  Will this eccentric Goodie Mobber be able to ask the right questions?  Will he jump on the mic and collab with certain artists?  I would love to see him to this show in a Jools Holland format.  It all is to be seen, come the premiere date of October 20th on Fuse in the US.  See the trailer after the jump.


Lord Have Mercy: Ciara ft Ludacris – Ride [Video]


I can’t think straight so here’s what I’ll share. Atlanta, GA is the home to the Coke bottle. I remember why I loved it so much and wanted to move there when I see this video. Luda and Ciara are the Dirty South Jay and Bey. Any WHY would the music Director, Diane Martel, put Ciara in BLACK leggings with poor lighting? I think the edge was definitely taken off the curves she’s got (yup, I seen them in real life too sucka). The fur bit is too Beyonce ish, but the mechanic horse ride, wow… This is one of my favourite RnB cuts at the moment. If it wasn’t 10.17am in London, I’d be heading for the club…

Luda Vs. Obama


Fresh off his Gangsta Grillz mixtape comes this Luda freestyle “Politics as Usual”, which heavily supports Obama in his presidential campaign. Trouble is, the lines where Luda takes swipes at Hilary Clinton and Jesse Jackson, while predictably slamming Bush and McCain (who doesn’t?) have garnered him some hate from the Obama camp. They have termed the song “greatly offensive” to all targeted and have distanced themselves from the rappers acclaim. Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Check out the song here over a third party video.

Luda is apparently preparing a statement for rebuttal.

Listen, Luda has been the subject of much media tarnishing over his appearance on Oprah and when targeted by the Bill O’Reilly show. He reacts best in his music, as he has very well shown here. His disses are sharp and well placed, besides, I’ve got a feeling that the camp probably like the song, but can’t publicly show that.

Thanks to for the source.  Posted by Hip-Hop Singh.

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