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Slaughterhouse – Miss Info Interview Part 1 and 2


MissInfo really got it in on this one.  If there’s anything real rap lovers are looking for right now, it’s the complete Slaughterhouse interview, and this is the post-SOB’s show interview.

Part One

Part Two

Joell is the future. He’s completely relaxed, jolly and taking it all in.

Lil Wayne’s Baby Mother Sarah – Pictures Revealed


OK, so just as I write this follow up story, I am also watching the latest episode of South Park (season 12 ep10 – link) – and I’m realising that I’m starting to care about that more than this…

Either way, props to Miss Info for Da Vinci coding this ish in ULTRA fast time, even by web standards.  Lil Wayne’s new baby mother Sarah can be seen below… and Wayne’s future DNA is somewhat saved by her.

sarah lil waynes baby mama picture revealed

sarah lil waynes baby mama picture revealed

Lovesoul DJ’s Pretty Girl Music Mixtape – Download It Here

sarah lil waynes baby mama picture revealed again

sarah lil waynes baby mama picture revealed again

Do you think it will affect his music..?  Will he slow down..?  Is Nivea’s MySpace riddled with tumbleweed..?  Back to South Park…

Lil' Wayne's Son Born Dwayne Carter III in Cincinnatti – Mother TBC


Update: Pics Available of Baby Mama Sarah

According to an announcement by Miss Info, Weezy F, has a new Baby.  The condom weilding rapper must have ran out of stock some months ago, and here we have it.  Here’s a picture of Weezy’s condom advert until more pics become available.

Also, Info’s story eludes to an alleged 21 year old as the mother… this being her second child.  My money is on her for the maximum child support claimed ever by the age of 25… I guess that’s one way to beat the credit crunch.  We wish the couple and newborn the best of health.

Internet Irony: MissInfo.TV simultaneously bashes Anti-Asian Racism, while Google Ad's Pimps Asian Women


As always I was on one of my favourite (bordering addictive) sites,  I caught the Anti-Asian Racism story on the front page – and I saw Google Ad words offering ‘Sexy Asian Women’ around it.  Click on the image to see the screen shot blown up – it’s pretty funny…

I love the irony – you’ll probably see the same behaviour if you link back to the site on the direct story here.

A pretty crazy look for the queen of hip-hop blogging… and I love Google long time for making me laugh…

Nas and Rik Cordero did it again: Video for 'Sly Fox' from 'Untitled'


Television ‘tells’, ‘lies’ to your ‘vision’ … remember that old hat…?

Well Nas and Rik did it again with a direct aim and shoot at Fox Television and the powers that be.  Finally, a stance in hip-hop…

Although Nas’s team couldn’t get the N title released, they are building the web buzz the right way around these non-commercial freindly records (minus the ‘acting as good as I did in Belly’ video of Nas speaking on the leak, lol).  Until then, keep it real, Nas is.

P.S. Look out for the King and Queen of online hip-hop making a cameo…as well as the new Nas, Jay Smooth and Miss Info’s three the hard way posse cut ‘Old Media is Dead’ (i’m KIDDING).

I 'Heart' Jay Smooth – Young Buck and 50 Cent Emotional Analysis


Two big things:

1) I haven’t blogged up the Young Buck / 50 Cent ‘F— G-Unit’ / ‘Cry Baby’ Story. I’m not interested, it’s stupid, and 50 Cent is an evil marketing genius who cleverly takes my money every year the slick b—–d.

2) I have never blogged up Jay Smooth, I know him of course, but never shed light on the dude for no particular reason. Now I am going to my nearest all things Jay Smooth store to buy a t-shirt, mug and receding hairline latex thingymajig.

Jay Smooth is the ‘Hip-Hop version of Hip-Hop’. He referenced The Office, The Godfather, Bun B, Jim Jones and Kanye. An intelligent breakdown that is much easier on the ear than a KRS style rant. Notice the new addition to the blogroll? OK, that’s all the emotion I’m showing today, Jay Smooth’s blog is here.

Now I am going to come up with a cunning plan for drunken Jay Smooth to plant his seed into a drunken Miss Info and create a super-human hip-hop blogger called Luke, with a natural ‘force’ to save the music…

[Note to self: Stop writing during post-jogging euphoria]

Mos-Def opens can of Political whoop-ass on Real Talk… incredible!


I love this video (Miss Info finally got me writing about more than music). The mighty Mos-Def and Professor Cornel West get down on political issues such as 9/11 theories, religion, politics, foreign policy, history, voting systems and more. This is not for the readers who came to this blog to see the ‘Girls Kiss Girls‘ video.


In this video, we get two stand up respected figures in the hip-hop community, not holding their tongues, especially Black Dante. Mos is entertaining and has some key issues which he voices as sharp as he has done on any record. Spitkickers, backpackers and true-schoolers, get to forwarding..! What do you think?

Oh and check out the HILARIOUS post on Mos-Def on Stuff White People Like!

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