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#Drakedown – Drake at Hammersmith Apollo In Depth Review


Best show I have seen in years.  Not perfect, but undoubtably a major hip-hop force with years of growth ahead of him.

Free Download: Busta Rhymes x DJ Scratch – I Bullshit You Not


Busta Rhymes x DJ Scratch – I Bullshit You Not [Download]

If you review this, let us know, we’ll post it if your English is up to scratch…

Mixtape Review: Crooked I – Block Obama Part 2


‘My 16’s so fly, I’ll call ’em jail bait’

‘I used to paint pictures with my 16’s, now I spit plasma big screens, look at the vivid scenes’

‘I see these n*****s claiming long beach and ain’t stepped a foot in this city, in MY city, Crooked is Biggie’



Impressed?  You should be.  Crooked I’s second installment of The Block Obama series is a fire tape, jam packed with quotables that are surprisingly easy to digest and not over complex.  If you look at this tape objectively, it should have never come out.  From 1995 onwards Crooked has consistently been beaten down by the music industry, from signing to Noo Trybe and the whole label getting dropped by Virgin, to signing with Death Row and Suge Knight… well… being Suge Knight.  Even half of this experience would have your favourite rapper flipping burgers by now, but it seems to have made Crook stronger, and now one quarter of the new Slaughterhouse has found his running pace.  Click below for full review.


Return of Yo! MTV Raps… sort of…


According to our homies at HipHopDX, and MTV’s Sucka Free Blog, legendary Rap Video Show, Yo! MTV Raps, which served as an institution to many 90’s Hip-Hop heads, including lovesoul, is making a return in April 2008 to celebrate it’s birth 20 years ago. Here is a clip that exemplifies the importance of this show (we think it should be brought back ASAP, with all the old school artists…and T.I, Little Brother, Lil Wayne, Talib, etc…)

Airing on MTV’s broadcast channels and website, you will be able to catch re-runs of classic interviews with Ed Lover, Dr Dre and Fab 5 Freddy, as well as all important video playlists. [Note to UK readers… don’t get your hopes up, the ‘music lovers’ at block content from being viewed outside the US, and there is no word on if MTV UK/Europe will get the scheduling].

Oh well, it’s a start anyways… could it be anything to do with DJ Kaypers ‘Bring Back Yo! MTV Raps’ mixtape? Who knows? But until then, read the review and get the download here. Know the ledge people.

Free Download: Jay-Z and Ghostface Killah, 'American Ironman', by DJ Chong Wizard


Mixtape Name: American Ironman
Created By: DJ Chong Wizard
Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10
Reviewed by: Raj Lovesoul

Real hip-hop heads are massively underserved by the current mixtape DJ’s of choice. I haven’t got anything that moves me from DJ Clue, Whoo Kid, Kay Slay, or any of the oversized cap wearers who like to scream a lot. Sure, we get great tapes from Talib Kweli, Mick Boogie and Little Brother, but straight up decent concept mixtapes are few and far between. So I was more than pleased to come across Vancouver’s DJ Chong Wizard, and the best mash-up tape I’ve heard for a minute, American Ironman.

American Ironman LSTV

As the name suggests, this is a sophisticated mash-up of primarily Ghostface Killah’s 1996 CLASSIC ‘Ironman’, and 2007’s heavy hitting offering by Jay-Z, ‘American Gangster’, inspired by the film release of the same name. Wizard chooses select adlibs and vocals from the wider catalogues of Tony Starks and J-Hova, mixed in with some skilled scratching, making this tape a very original, skilled piece of work. The effort is easy to appreciate and the concept is highly applaudable, although a bit of beat breaking, sampling and looping would’ve scored more points.

This is an important mixtape, and you should hear it right now. Here are the reasons:

Ghost’s Ironman album is one of the most beautifully produced hip-hop albums of all time. The crafting of the soul samples knock harder than the P Diddy co-exec production on American Gangster, and actually improve on Jay’s overall sound by offering that harder knock. Check in particular Track 2, ‘Black Super Hero Music’, Track 4 ‘Black Day ‘Em’, Track 6 ‘Is This What Success is all About’ and the extra grit that Ghost adds to Track 8 ‘Success at The Apollo’.

Some records look like the pitch and finishing could have been improved on, like the great idea behind ‘Ignorant After the Smoke’. Overall Jay’s vocals land better on Ghost records than vice versa. But this is because Tony Starks pours more emotion into the vocal, and into the intricate crevices of the beat, which isn’t easy to transfer… that’s probably why more people sample Jay’s quirky lines. Chong Wizard also exposes Jay-Z’s concept nature. Re-listening to Jay’s verses makes you realise that American Ganagster was not the ‘concept’ album it claimed. It was basically a hustler album, with some back references to the movie so it could duck in on the dual promo. Some usage of ‘Roc Boys’ or ‘Daytona 500’ would’ve probably produced a few more classics, but either way, as an overall tape, DJ Chong Wizard is damn good and has left us with some finished tracks that are absolute keepers.

Download the MP3 mixtape, here, here or here. Or click for DJ Chong Wizards MySpace.

Dillagence Mixtape Review


Mixtape Name: Dillagence

Artists: Mick Boogie, Busta Rhymes, J Dilla

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer: G.D. (lovesoul.TV Reader Review)

The link to the Dillagence story, mixtape and tracklisting is here



Everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing at important moments in history. This reviewer will always remember where he was and what he was doing on 10th February 2006, when news broke that J Dilla had passed away after suffering with an incurable blood disease; at home re-listening for perhaps the tenth time to Dilla’s ‘Donuts’, trying to understand how exactly Dilla had created the musical landscapes on what is now regarded as one of the greatest instrumental Hip-Hop albums of all time. A slew of tribute tracks and mixtapes have since been released, however none have garnered as much hype as the recently released ‘Dillagence’ a collaboration between mixtape king Mick Boogie and long time Dilla collaborator and Hip-Hop superstar Busta Rhymes.


The mixtape is a melange of old Dilla productions and a previously unreleased Dilla beats, with vocals from Busta Rhymes and a number of guest collaborators. From the outset though it is clear that the star of the show is the unmistakeable Dilla production, from the heavy thudding bass line of ‘Code of the Streets’ to the trademark drums and hand claps of ‘Takin’ what’s Mine’, Dilla’s beats sound as fresh and raw as ever. That rawness is additionally felt in the final mix for which Busta feels obliged to explain, fans however of the late great producer will need no such explanation, knowing that he liked his music to ‘sound like its straight from the mother****in cassette.’ Busta’s belief that this rawness was down to an eagerness on his part to spit on new Dilla beats straight from the beat CD, does however give the listener an insight into why the emcee puts in a performance full of energy and charisma, that harkens back to the Busta Rhymes of ‘The Coming’ and ‘When Disaster Strikes’. Bar a few embarrassing choruses and forgettable contributions from Papoose and Cassidy, Busta Rhymes sounds hungry and rejuvenated over Dilla’s beats, something that has been lacking from his more recent discography.


The general outlook that ‘Donuts’ beats should be left as instrumentals could only have been strengthened with the poor reworking of ‘Lightworks’ that appeared in the recently released ‘Peanut Butter Wolf presents 2K8 B-Ball Zombie War’ featuring lacklustre performances from Talib Kweli and Q-Tip, and which now finds itself on the mixtape. However, perhaps surprisingly Rah Digga’s performances on ‘Best That Ever Did It’ and ‘The Range’ provide evidence to the contrary, as her flow and lyrics fit perfectly into the lush Dilla production. One of the biggest highlights though must be the contribution of Raekwon on ‘Baggage Handlers’ with its chorus of “Yo its Cuban Linx 2 mutha****ers!” that will serve only to increase anticipation for his long awaited follow up.


One can only have respect for Busta Rhymes and Mick Boogie for releasing such a quality project in tribute to a producer that was largely slept on in his own time. Those who have never knowingly heard of Dilla will find this a fitting introduction to one the greatest producers to have graced Hip-Hop, and will hopefully be encouraged to seek out other Dilla works. For this reviewer, ‘Dillagence’ is a welcome addition to the Dilla collection, and has acted as a catalyst for me to go back and re-listen to ‘Donuts’ for the fiftieth time and try to understand how exactly he created those musical landscapes. Methinks that it is a futile exercise, genius has no explanation.

Mick Boogie, Busta Rhymes, J Dilla – DILLAGENCE – Download Here


The tape is finally out:


And here is the tracklist:


and of course, here is the link to download it. Ultimate respect to Mick Boogie, he’s the mixtape king.

you can also download the Mick Boogie/Kanye West Mixtape on our previous post.

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