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Hip Hop is Bread Part 2 – Mac Millar, Caskey, Nicki Minaj & Obama, Styles P and Kay Slay


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Mac Millar – Forbes 30 under 30 and The Breakfast Club Interview

Caskey signs to YMCMB – His mixtape No Complaints

New Styles P – The Diamond Life Project

New Kay Slay – Return of the Gatekeeper

Nicki Minaj Vs Obama

Listen to the show below: 

Spike Lee Goes American Gangster on BBC Regarding Obama


How long have you been black?‘.  Knockout.  About time someone took that annoying BBC News ass-monkey Jeremy Paxman and spanked him.  I wonder if this is pay back for the time Jemermy Paxman Spanked Dizzee Rascal

McCain Versus Obama – Dance Off


Not timely, not relavent, just kind of quirky…

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