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Hip-Hop is Bread Part 3 – Missy and Timbaland on Drake and Aaliyah, MOBO losing cred, Rick Ross Gold, New Nipsey Hussle



Missy and Timbaland weigh in on Drake and Aaliyah on Angie Martinez HOT 97

2012 MOBO nominations, does anyone care?

Nipsey Hussle Announces Victory Lap, so get his first two tapes in the series here.

Rick Ross goes Gold, check out Hold Me Back (Nigeria Video).

Kanye West ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj – Monster [Video Preview] WOW


And the award for MTV video of the year goes too…

People keep saying that Nicki owned Jay-Z on the record.  My question is why was Ross even on it?  Those bars should have gone to Q-Tip, T.I. or Big Boi.  Props RR.

50 Cent on Funkmaster Flex Show – June 2009


50 covers all the major June 2009 issues on Funkmaster Flex’s show.

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/18531&tbid=k_17620&premium=true&height=500&width=425]

Semi-WTF: Rick Ross f. The Roots – Magnificent Live (Video)


A while back, in the heat of the whole Rick Ross overdosing due to the 50 Cent beef, I posted Roots – ‘What They Do’.  I just needed to shed some light on the outspoken contraversy that was that video (dissing Biggie, etc).  Rick Ross has evidence out there of him fabricating his past and current lifestyle.  Are the Roots hypocrites, or am I a schmuk for actually liking this performance (un)consciously because my favourite hip-hop band are throwing it down in the background.  I really really need help figuring this one out.

Rick Ross Speaks to Funkmaster Flex – March 9th 2009


I was hyped when I thought Angie Martinez would be getting it in with Rick Ross about being a C.O. on Hot 97.  However, Angie deaded that because she couldn’t speak on everything.  However, he did show up to talk rubbish on Funkmaster Flex.  Here’s the audio that I found of the interview over on




Saw this over on HipHopGame … will Jimmy still expect people to care about his ‘Swagger Like Us’ mix?

And as a final point, does anyone even care that Rick Ross wasn’t chosen for any SLU mixes?

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