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Shizzio – Into The Future [Video]


Really like this one-camera job, nicely edited and from the excellent Perimeter Breach mixtape – massively enjoyable – Shizz gets better with every tape.

Melanie Durrant ft. Shizzio – LIFTED


A worldwide exclusive. I have been a fan of Melanie Durrant since Lil’ X introduced us in Toronto. She is an incredible vocalist, intelligent and fantastically creative. When I got this song a few months back, I sent it around to a few DJ’s and artists, and here’s what came back in my inbox last night. And the storm that is Shizzio, who previous street record ‘Swear Down’ was a much more aggressive, confrontational peice, smoothes it out and shows the ladies he’s in tune to his romantic side (still wouldn’t like to cross dude in a dark alley though). Enjoy.   Download.

Shizzio spits over Iyaz’s Replay


I can’t lie, the original song is corny as shit, and even if you’ve followed Shizzio for just a year or so, (like I have), you’ll know that he’s improving at a dangerous rate. I think this is a great verse, well written, with well delivered rapid fire RnB references aimed at the over-25’s. I just don’t think I’ll be playing the record after the verse for too much longer, which is a shame because I love the references and I’m now forwarding the record to DJ Rav.

Download Shizzio on Iyaz ‘Replay’

Lovesoul.TV Behind The Scenes of 'Rockit Girl' by Shizzio feat. TQ


Another exclusive for ya… shout to Shizzio, TQ and all the crew for inviting us down.  Hit up Shizzio at and TQ at

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