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Joell Ortiz on Tony Touch


If you been on this site before you know EXACTLY what to expect, Joell Ortiz goes in and catches wreck. Props Miss Info.

Slaughterhouse ‘Microphone’ Video and The Making Of…


Here it is

Slaughterhouse “Microphone” from john colombo on Vimeo.

and here is how it came to be (with not much Joell that I saw)

microphone behind the scenes for Slaughterhouse from john colombo on Vimeo.

Shout to Director john colombo

DJ Critical Hype – The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends [Mixtape Download]


I’m not one to post Torrents normally, but this mixtape features the four horsemen that are carrying hip-hop groups back into fashion.  Check it out – DJ Critical Hype – The Art of Slaughterhouse Blends.


Behind the Scenes at The Slaughterhouse 'Move On' Video


The greatest hip-hop clique of now clowning with WeOwnTheNight.TV – good to see Crook physically safe, and Joell roasting Flex…LEAVE THE ACCORDS AT HOME!

Slaughterhouse – Miss Info Interview Part 1 and 2


MissInfo really got it in on this one.  If there’s anything real rap lovers are looking for right now, it’s the complete Slaughterhouse interview, and this is the post-SOB’s show interview.

Part One

Part Two

Joell is the future. He’s completely relaxed, jolly and taking it all in.

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