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Lovesoul.TV Month Day 10 – DJ Revolution Interview (The Wake Up Show)


Part One – Revolution talks music choices and DJ equipement

Part Two – Revolution talks Russell Peters and tattoos

Urbanomix: Working In America Tonight


Tonight I’m chairing another Urbanomix panel on ‘Working in America’  The Flyer explains it all, or you can visit the Urbanomix site here.  Below the flyer is the video from last months Urbanomix.  This is really shaping up to be one of the most useful events for urban industry professionals in the UK.

The previous Urbanomix event

We would ask other bloggers to share these videos as many people have told us that they are a great source of knowledge sharing.

DJ Raj Lovesoul on the Being Charlie Sloth Show


This is one of my favourite internet shows, by one of my favourite (though slightly insane) rapper buddies.  Charlie Sloth was at the first Urbanomix Networking Event (full video coming soon), and he featured some clips on his massive TV show that gets 250,000 hits per week on his YouTube and WorldStar.  I chaired the panel and am seen about 1 m 30 sec into the clip.

Big Up Charlie for making me an internet superstar-ish… but more for creating the Manager character who almost made me cry laughing in this episode.  ‘Glass of water meet Charlie, Charlie meet glass of water…’.

Crooked I Kicks Knowledge on The Wake Up Show


I haven’t stopped bumping Block Obama part 2 for five weeks now.  I just landed this morning from Sydney, Australia and was spell checking my review when I saw this video on  The Block Obama part 2 review is on the way in a couple of posts time… in the mean time peep this and see why the West Coast has so much love for the Crooked one.

What do you think?  Is 2009 gonna be Crooked’s year?

Sway feat. Lemar: Saturday Night Hustle [Video]


Here it is, the lead single from Sway’s new album, ‘The Signature’.

And if you haven’t seen, we got the exclusive interviews with Sway and Lemar…(click either name)

Want more… hit the link to see the boy go crazy on Westwood…


Lovesoul.TV Interview Sway [Akons UK Signing] and the 'F UR X' Video


Recently we caught up with UK hip-hop MC Sway, the latest signing to Akon’s label Konvict Music [or maybe Konlive as we reported here] and all around nice guy. This is our second time meeting Sway, the first was backstage at the 02 Wireless Festival a couple of years back. His career has come leaps and bounds, and just weeks away from his next smash ‘F UR X’ ft $tush being released (July 16th 2008, get your advance), we caught up with the grand ghanian to talk about some huge collaborations with Akon and Madness, being romantically linked to Estelle and a slew of deaths that almost made him quit rapping

If you can’t see the above video, watch it in YouTube quality here. Otherwise, check the new video for ‘F UR X’ below, or buy the single here.

As always, we welcome your comments below!

Estelle's 'American Boy' goes to No. 1, Akon Signs UK Rapper Sway


Firstly, well done to our girl Estelle for getting American Boy to number one in the UK charts! I feel compelled to repost the video as it’s a landmark in UK/US hip-hop collaborations.


Raj Lovesoul Sway

BUT it doesn’t end there, as at last weekend’s 1Xtra Live show in Coventry, Akon brought out UK rapper Sway, to announce his signing to Akon’s Konvict Music (though technically it may be called Konlive, ahem… tax man). Here is the exclusive audio, with a very annoying ‘i wish I was as famous as Akon so i’ll keep Ad-Libbing him‘ support DJ. Also, Akon, looses his grip of English a little, but we like him so it’s ok.

vik lovesoul sway

And watch out for Sway’s new single, F ur X, featuring $tush, which you can buy now at super hi-quality from Digital. Support Sway by visiting his MySpace and get some free mixtape downloads.

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