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Sarah Palin sees George W. Bush’s dumbness…and tries to raise it


Clip 1 – Saturday Night Live (US Parody show) doesn’t even need to try… just stick with Palin word for word

Clip 2 – Who’d have thought, a voice of reason from CNN.  The closing line in this clip is hilarious.

I’m a bit concerned by the fact that should these guys win, one will die of old age, leaving the other to rule the free world, as a village idiot.  Not conviced, here’s some icing.  Call everyone you know in the US and have them vote Obama, otherwise, we will all surely be doomed…or whatever…it’s all about job creation.

Baracknophobia and Barack Obama's Vagina – Hilarious Mock of Barack Bashing in the USA


We don’t normally get political on this site, so let’s keep this under ‘comedy’. One of my favourite comedy dudes in the US, Mr Jon Stewart. Almost every second of this is hilarious…”YES WITH BUTT” too funny. Basically cracking jokes on why white US conservative media bashes Barack for no reason. Hang on, don’t we already have enough bashing material on the current President..?

Headlines – Baracknophobia | – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Shout to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. See more of their goofage on The Daily Show site.

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