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Wretch 32 Feat. L – Traktor


One of the biggest tunes in the clubs at the moment.  Should tie us over until the big summer hits come in.

Shizzio – Into The Future [Video]


Really like this one-camera job, nicely edited and from the excellent Perimeter Breach mixtape – massively enjoyable – Shizz gets better with every tape.

La Roux – Bulletproof [Video]


Don’t ask – just put it on repeat and thank your stars you get to be an 80’s DJ (if you missed out the first time like me!)

Lil Kim feat. Charlie Wilson and T-Pain – Download [Video]


The Notorious K.I. to the M gets her computer love on with half man, half machine sounding T-Pain and silver surfer Charlie Wilson. Good tune, looks like she’s found another hard drive to rap about. And she drops more web names than Game drops rapper names…let’s see if the kids digg it…

Semi-WTF: Rick Ross f. The Roots – Magnificent Live (Video)


A while back, in the heat of the whole Rick Ross overdosing due to the 50 Cent beef, I posted Roots – ‘What They Do’.  I just needed to shed some light on the outspoken contraversy that was that video (dissing Biggie, etc).  Rick Ross has evidence out there of him fabricating his past and current lifestyle.  Are the Roots hypocrites, or am I a schmuk for actually liking this performance (un)consciously because my favourite hip-hop band are throwing it down in the background.  I really really need help figuring this one out.

Kanye and Jay-Z in the Studio [Old Video]


Very dope – spotted over at

Kanye West In The Studio! from Rob Yung on Vimeo.

Anyone recognise the Jay-Z and ‘Ye lyrics?  Too easy in my opinion.

Review of Q-Tip at Roundhouse, London, 14th March 2009


Posted by Broken Soul Boy

Yesterday something spectacular happened in London town. Q Tip actually did a concert in the UK! Last time that happened was over a decade back; good things come to those who wait, but that was one seriously long wait! And he came through with style and passion, giving the hip hop heads in the Roundhouse venue, the live fix they needed of the timeless Q Tip joints, and even more amazing, the greatest tunes of the legendary Tribe Called Quest. And for that, this will rank as one of the best hip hop concerts I have ever been to.

Q Tip was giving the performance his all on stage. Right at the start, he came out on stage like some wrestler, posing some random superstar moves, before he jumped into his first track which was Shaka with the twisted melody. And he had a habit of strange expressions and interesting (if long!) intros into some of the joints. There was one moment where he continually made out he was about to say something, only to pause to let the crowd to make noise instead – it seemed to go on for ages; it was building up to something, and then finally he says ‘I just wanna ride’…and the band and DJ play Lets Ride, a massive reaction for one of his sickest joints! Being the first time ever I have actually seen Q Tip perform, he is more of an entertainer than I had realised.

Then in another long spoken word intro, which he concluded by chatting about a girl named ‘Bonita’, then the band went straight into Bonita Applebum – everyone was going mad for this tune!

((Review continues with a video link after the jump.)) (more…)

MURS: Lookin Fly [Video]


MURS is getting some groupie love, using a crazy sped up mexican horn and some sick footage from his 2008 adventures, including Rock The Bells footage…

AND if you’re the only person without the MURS and 9th Wonder ‘Sweet Lord’ mixtape, you can get it here.

I 'Heart' Jay Smooth – Young Buck and 50 Cent Emotional Analysis


Two big things:

1) I haven’t blogged up the Young Buck / 50 Cent ‘F— G-Unit’ / ‘Cry Baby’ Story. I’m not interested, it’s stupid, and 50 Cent is an evil marketing genius who cleverly takes my money every year the slick b—–d.

2) I have never blogged up Jay Smooth, I know him of course, but never shed light on the dude for no particular reason. Now I am going to my nearest all things Jay Smooth store to buy a t-shirt, mug and receding hairline latex thingymajig.

Jay Smooth is the ‘Hip-Hop version of Hip-Hop’. He referenced The Office, The Godfather, Bun B, Jim Jones and Kanye. An intelligent breakdown that is much easier on the ear than a KRS style rant. Notice the new addition to the blogroll? OK, that’s all the emotion I’m showing today, Jay Smooth’s blog is here.

Now I am going to come up with a cunning plan for drunken Jay Smooth to plant his seed into a drunken Miss Info and create a super-human hip-hop blogger called Luke, with a natural ‘force’ to save the music…

[Note to self: Stop writing during post-jogging euphoria]

Estelle ft. Her Breasts – No Substitute Love [Official Video]


Here it is… the new Estelle video.  We got an advanced copy and it sounds good in the CD player.  Estelle has once again chosen to hit more notes, rather than rap, which is not my personal preference as I’m still spinning 1980.  But she rode the chopped and screwed lyric nice, I’ll give her that.  It’s co-written by Wyclef, and you can here Estelle on her highest tip toes reaching for Lauryn Hills crown… but let’s be clear…you need a ladder on top of the Empire State building to get to get there…

Estelle – No Substitute Love

Estelle | MySpace Music Videos

What do you think?

P.S. Estelle cancelled her interview with Trevor Nelson and Zena, which was supposed to be a twin interview with Craig David, on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show citing illness which the radio hosts speculated was due to a heavy promotional schedule.

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