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Kanye West – Amazin' (feat. Young Jeezy)


Who do I need to give £3 to so that I can see this on IMAX?  Dope ass video.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2436593&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Fox Still Hates Hip-Hop: Targets Jay-Z and Young Jeezy


Culprit’s number one and two, Megan the host and Michelle Malkin.

Firstly, what the F*** is ‘post-racial’?  Are we to assume that just because America elected a (half) black president that racial issues are somehow a thing of the past?  And that Jeezy and Hov are not letting racism die because of a song that is empowering to some, but strikes fear into those that can’t even hear rap words without subtitles?  

Let me re-state.  Young Jeezy’s statement, ‘My President is Black’ is genius.  It’s short, simple, radical and thought provoking, and that’s why it works and has made an impact.  Following it with ‘my lambo’s blue, and I’ll be G** dammed if my rims ain’t too’ is some of the most ignorant lyrical construction I’ve ever heard, and Jeezy should be barred from rapping, locked in a cell and chastised by Chris Rock. (Jay turned it around with the car reference by the skin of his teeth).

And proof Michelle Malkin is a doof comes from the fifth quick fact that Fox shows on her, ‘Left Handed’.  Is that the best she could come up with?  Did she go to college for that?  ALSO, why is Jay-Z being separated as someone who should know better?  Just because Jay-Z has been accepted by mainstream America, goes on Ellen and was an inaugural VIP, that he should behave ‘housed’ in some way?  This is the exact racism that kills me, and that I hope Obama can call it out and turn over.  And how dare she use Martin Luther King as a support reference?  I hate it when that legacy is tarnished as a reference guide to how black people should behave.  F— Michelle Malkin; if she didn’t look like a chick who pours champagne over herself in one of Young Jeezy’s video’s, she wouldn’t have got the TV time in the first place.

And then, Bill O’Reilly talks his ish with Dennis Miller like some supe’d up imperialist frat boys – click to vomit the rest of your morals out.


Lovesoul.TV: Usher 'Love in this Club' Video


And so Usher’s first single, ‘Love in this Club’, from the new album ‘Here I Stand’ is finally out.

I just heard Max from 1Xtra say that apparently Usher’s new bride isn’t too keen on the sexual chemistry between Usher and Keri Hilson (singer from Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are’). I personally don’t see it on the pixelated BS quality that YouTube is publishing video’s with at the moment, but if you look closely, you will be able to see cameo’s from Puffy (Diddy if you’re under 23), Kanye West, Polow Da Don and of course the thoughtful, intellectual, Obama inspired raps of Young Jeezy. What do you think of the video?

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